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NEW UPDATED EDITION Was the Battle of Hastings a French victory NonWilliam the Conqueror was Norman and hated the FrenchWere the Brits really responsible for the death of Joan of Arc NonThe French sentenced her to death for wearing trousersDid the French write God Save the Queen NonBut thats what they claimTen centuries worth of French historical facts bite the dust as Stephen Clarke looks at what has really been going on sinceFeaturing new annoyances both historical and recent inflicted on the French, including Napoleons banned chamber pot, Louis XIVs painful operation, Anglo French jibes during theLondon Olympics, French niggles about William and Kates royal wedding, and much

11 thoughts on “1000 Years of Annoying the French

  1. MB MB says:

    I bought this book for my partner s Christmas as a bit of a joke as he s English and I am French.He read it until the end and loved it He is no longer allowed to discuss it with me though.Being told great things attributed to the French were not actually French, well, annoyed me

  2. Bibliophile Bibliophile says:

    A joyous romp through any half decent Englishman s fave hobby, taking the mickey out of the French It does occasionally use weak jokes or puns but this should be excused as Clarke has covered a thousand years of history not only both amusingly and efficently, but also entertainingly most especially when it s relatively dull moments which the French regard as rather grand.Quite a rarity also in as much as when I ve told chums I ve just finished this each and everyone has wanted to borrow it next.

  3. Dr P Morley Dr P Morley says:

    Highly recommended A good look at the last 1000 years of UK French history, which does seem to read as if we just enjoy annoying each other for the most part.Full of the history you know, the history you think you know, and the history that you certainly didn t know.It s quite a long book we ve annoyed them a lot and sometimes can be a bit heavy going, but it s worth ploughing on Generally it s quite readable.I suspect that a proper historian would take issue with some of the facts and certainly some of the facts are distorted a little to suit the conclusions, so this is not a serious history book, but I think on balance with a certain generosity of spirit, the author makes his case.I m tempted to buy a copy as a gift for some of my French colleagues, but I think that might just annoy them a little too much.

  4. Wilmington Wilmington says:

    I read a lot of history books, but I have to admit that few of them are as entertaining as this one It is a great, fun to read and well researched summary of Anglo French relations since the time of William the Conqueror I was afraid from the title that it would turn into an orgy of one sided French bashing, but that is not the case Stephen Clarke is a Francophile and although the book is written to tease French readers, it does so by pointing undeniable historical facts, not by rewriting history or proposing distorted subjective views.Some books have good passages and slower or boring parts, but I found this book to be enjoyable from the first page to last last, truly unputdownable.

  5. Mike Mike says:

    I can t talk about 1,000 years but I know the lady beside me on the plane was VERY annoyed when I spent 4 hours reading this to her I liked it, found it amusing and enjoyable Like I said helped me out in what was a really awkward social situation too so that s brill.

  6. BrusselsAl BrusselsAl says:

    I had to buy a second copy of this my French Director General stole the first copy before I could even open the cover He enjoyed it as much as I did The book gives a real sense of the fundamental differences between the French and English attitudes to life and warfare throughout history It is brilliantly written without crossing over into flippancy By the way, the boss read it before I did and enjoyed it just as much.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    A must read, especially if you are venturing to France this summer My problem is that I can t remember the many interesting little stories that we make such good put downs for our cousins terrible across the Channel..or should that be la manche Enjoy the read with a good croissant and revel in the fact that such a delightful pastry was of course an English invention Want to know .buy this book

  8. Mike Gibson Mike Gibson says:

    I did not persevere with the book it went to charity I vgot annoyed with historical inaccuracy selective bias to justify the title The supplier though provided their usual excellent service.

  9. Dr. Tim Parker Dr. Tim Parker says:

    As with all of Stephen Clarke s books, this is intended to be a humorous look at the French, and French culture Unlike some of his narratives, this is a history book, covering how the nasty, selfish French have annoyed the peace loving and generous British for a millennium The book starts around the Norman conquests, and continue to near current day, taking a look at the interactions between the two countries in the years in between, interspersed with Clarke s usual tongue in cheek view of things.This is a fairly thick book, compared to most of his other volumes, and as mentioned above it s a bit different in that this is a summary of history, with annotated comments It reads well, as expected, divided into eras in chapters that allow for logical break points while reading The history here is good I haven t spotted anything erroneous, and there s lots of side facts that are both amusing and fascinating that you won t find in most dry history tomes Of course, an overarching theme is how the French put a spin on all events that didn t favour them similar to the Waterloo book Clarke has written.The book s fun to read and whether you intend to or not, you ll learn something reading it There s tons of little anecdotes that stand out, and I ve since bought copies of this book for friends including a few who were misguided enough to be born French All have enjoyed it, too Even the French fellow, once he figured out what the big words meant p

  10. Andy 1971 Andy 1971 says:

    This was my first Stephen Clarke s book and it is absolute fun He writes with a nice and elegant style, never being rude but also striking some well deserved blows to France, the French and their intolerable self rightousness I live in Italy, close to the French border, so I found this book refreshing and ultimately true It is a nice review of a thousand years of history, re setting a lot of things straight and quietly demolishing everything that constitutes that annoying French myth that has been mostly invented by the French themselves I read it and then bought another copy as a gift to a friend If you think that all things French are nice, from champagne to croissants, or if they taught you in school that France won WWII or any other War before that , buy this one and have a laugh Sadly this one has not been translated in Italian, so I cannot use it for a bunch of nice gifts for next Xmas, since not all my friends can read a book in English, and that is a shame everybody should read this one

  11. rhase rhase says:

    As far as light history books go, this has got to be the Best of the Best of the Best, being a treasure chest of lively gems that will easily put you in a good mood and begging for Each chapter tells a fascinating story of its own while being written in Stephen s inimitable light and fluffy comic style.