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We think of Ancient Greece as the birthplace of democracy and a breeding ground for pioneering philosophers, but what was life really like in a Greek city state Who could vote in an election in Athens What kind of plays did people see at the theatre How much impact did gods and myths have on the lives of the ancient Greeks Why were neighbouring states so often at warSecondAncient Greece presents a unique insight into one of the most creative and influential civilizations, where military might and architectural brilliance flourished alongside great rhetoric and spellbinding stories of heroes From temples and oracles to soldiers and slavery, from beautiful pottery to tragic drama, this is the key to understanding thecrucial ideas and innovations that developed and defined one of the worlds greatest civilizations

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  1. Allan H Allan H says:

    This revue also applies to the 30 second Ancient Rome book in this series, which shares some authors with this Ancient Greece volume I have not read any of the others.These books are beautifully produced hardbacks, printed on good quality paper, properly sewn in The format is, after a brief introduction, 50 or so double page spreads on a topic e.g Inscriptions Mathematics , grouped into wider areas Language Sappho The text is written by academic specialists in the various fields, and is admirably rigorous, given its brevity, and the books as a whole give an excellent introduction to their subject If I have a cavil it is with the right hand pages these have a collage of images relevant to the topic opposite attractively designed, but with only a very general caption and the individual images unidentified Most are contemporary Greek or Roman, but some are modern, and the relative beginner at whom these books are presumably aimed may not be aware of this A small thing, but an opportunity missed I think.The books finish with a Resources page of further reading books and websites intended to take the interested reader to the next level Curiously, the Resources in the Rome volume are noticeably specialised than in Greece , including academic articles some of them a bit in at the deep end for the intended readership, I would have thought.

  2. Aggie Aggie says:

    I m a fan on the 30 second books They work well if you want to have an idea of the topic but don t want to spend ages reading up on it Bought before trip yo greece to help understand what I ll be seeing there

  3. George George says:

    This series of books is highly useful and enjoyable I like the format an easy conversation starter or argument ender and I find these books reliable than Internet web sites I have almost every book in this series and I enjoy them all Note I like the hard cover editions better than the paperbacks, for the latter are smaller.

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    The book arrived on time and as advertised.