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15 thoughts on “A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics. Society and Culture by Pomeroy. Sarah B ( 2009 ) Paperback

  1. Ian.S. Ian.S. says:

    This is a highly readable book givin a general history of Ancient Greece from prehistoric times to the Hellenstic period with a concentration on fifth and fourth century BC Greece Athens.This is on the set reading list for the Open University A219 course The book answers lots of questions that students have when approaching this subject for the first time I particularly like the writing style which allows the prose to flow At the end of each chapter, there is a list of key terms which allow you to ensure that you have understood the chapter s contents , translations used in the chapter and suggested reading this section is good as the authors give a brief observation on each book suggested The only drawback if it can be is that the books suggested tend to be from the American market, although some UK authors are mentioned.There are some necessary illustrations clearly shown and allow helpful explanation in the text.Just a few gripes, some technical Greek words are not explained in the glossary An illustration of a cup appears back to front to me but I could be wrong In the chapter on Alexander the Great, the narrative uses Persians and Iranians interchangeably so that it is not clear if these are two different peoples or one and the same These a very minor gripes indeed and in no way detract from the main thrust of the book.

  2. Carl Carl says:

    As others I also purchased this in support of OU the book provides good support for the course Exploring the Classical World in backing up the coursework and providing information for essay writing.With that said and done I have sat reading other sections of the book, excluded from university purposes, it is easily accessible, enjoyable and crammed full of information on the Ancient Greek world As an introduction to all things ancient Greek, I would definitely recommend this work.

  3. Luna Corona Luna Corona says:

    It might be a set book for an OU course, but it is far from dull I am not doing the course, A219, until next October but I bought this book early to give me plenty time for background reading, and am enjoying it I find that writing very brief notes in the margins as I go along helps me concentrate and to see the fuller picture of this fascinating time in history.

  4. Satisfied cutomer! Satisfied cutomer! says:

    Needed as part of a degree course, than information, it s a fascinating read.

  5. Tommy Bond Tommy Bond says:

    Needed for open uni course 2ND hand Good value and quick delivery.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very poor condition when received

  7. Nod3397 Nod3397 says:

    Great book to gain an insight into ancient Greece A good read not just for university courses Only down point is the lack of references.

  8. Kathy Armstrong Kathy Armstrong says:


  9. Gordon Ritchie Gordon Ritchie says:

    This classic exposition of the history of Ancient Greece is clearly written for a history course, complete with multiple choice exams A great deal of detailed information is retailed with limited analysis It could have benefitted mightily from better maps and graphics, as is the case with most of this ilk It performs a function but leaves a dry aftertaste.

  10. performing-arts.co Customer performing-arts.co Customer says:

    had to have for college

  11. mona mona says:

    I enjoyed every letter and every line and every pageto be honest I read it many times and IT INSPIRES ME SOOOO MUCH

  12. K K says:

    I don t care how beaten, battered, ripped or damaged my copy of the book is, as long as I can read the words There is so much information included in a readable format that I find myself hunched over in anticipation one moment and bursting out in laughter the next More than worth the monetary cost.

  13. mbp mbp says:

    I bought this book for a class on Greek and Roman history and I found it useful and interesting to read.

  14. Libertas Libertas says:

    Didn t use it as much as I thought I would but I am glad I got it at such a cheap price compared to my university In great shape with no problems at all Thanks

  15. jj.buys jj.buys says:

    This book got to me by the fastest available date Really pleased with the speediness of shipment delivery and also, the textbook was in amazing condition Great value all around.