{download eBook} A Dancer in Wartime: The touching true story of a young girl's journey from the Blitz to the Bright LightsAuthor Gillian Lynne – Hometrainer-tests.de

New of all the ones in book mentioned, would have like mention of Moira as I knew she was very active at that time but not much mention, Margot was mentioned and not sure why as I learnt Moira was also at the top then a lot.I do not read much but I enjoyed this and wish I still had my old ballet books with all these stars and ballets in it.Me being born also during the war gave even interest.Well written. I know the author very well but had not really realised the trials and tribulations she grew up with But through it all, she had the love and devotion of her remaining family This is a very touching story of a girl growing up in war torn Britain having lost her mother far too early. I loved this book Having danced myself, it took me back to the wonderful obsession freedom it evokes That together with the lengths the dancers were forced to go to in order to maintain their training during the war I found riveting I read it as slowly as I could because I didn t want it to end, so Gillian please There is so much you have yet to share Wonderful stuff. A thoroughly enjoyable account of the early days of Ballet in the UK, and during the war for what is now the Royal Ballet I have a programme of The Sleeping Beauty at Covent Garden Royal Opera House for May 1946, where I saw Gillian Lynne as the Lilac Fairy, when I was age 6 I wish now I had not purchased the paperback version of this book, as I believe the numerous and fascinating photographs in it, would have been larger in the hardback. a good read but sad in parts. A wonderful read, touching and very, very funny It s all about one woman s passion or passions A passion for the dance, and a passion for LIFE. Lovely book to read and very interesting Si cela avait t possible j aurais donn un 4 toiles et demi ce livre C est une charmante biographie crite par la chor graphe du Fant me de l Op ra C est l histoire vraie, d une petite fille tr s engag e dans la danse, et voluant en une ballerine parfaite Elle d crit parfaitement l atmosph re de la seconde guerre mondiale Londres, ressenti dans le monde du ballet par des performances sp ciales et la lutte pour des costumes, dans un style tr s brittish Elle est aussi tr s respectueuse de ses professeurs et de ses amis danseurs, de nouveau dans un style anglais typique Un e lecture parfaite pour fans de ballet ou d histoire. London during the Blitz was a time of hardship, heroism and hopeFor Gillian Lynne a budding ballerina it was also a time of great change as she was evacuated from war torn London to a crumbling mansion, where dance classes took place in the faded ballroomLife was hard, but her talent and dedication shone through and an astonishing journey ensued, which saw Gillian dancing a triumphant debut in Swan Lake, performing in the West End with doodlebugs falling and touring a devastated Europe entertaining the troops A Dancer in Wartime paints a vivid and moving picture of what life was really like during the hard years of the Blitz and brings to life a lost world How is one person allowed to dance so beautifully and write so well Her descriptions of the agony and joy of dancing made me weep and laugh with her I have seen Gillian Lynne in all her glory, many times, at Covent Garden She was indeed a great dancer and I thank her for sharing all her emotions about learning to be a great dancer and how we all coped during the war Such memories.