[Textbooks] A History of the World in Twelve MapsAuthor Jerry Brotton – Hometrainer-tests.de

Jerry Brotton has written an outstanding history of mapping the world It s a tremendous tour de force ranging from Ancient Babylon and Ptolemy to GPS and Google maps Along the way it takes in many of the classic maps and, perhaps unsurprisingly, is particularly strong on the Renaissance period As an aside its also an excellent insight into the voyages of discovery made by, amongst others, the Portuguese and Castilian explorers.Lusciously illustrated and tremendously readable, it doesn t just cover Western cartography It discusses a Korean map and also encapsulates religion and philosophy and the role they have in creating a world view.Easy to read and trmendously interesting Well done Professor Brotton. This book has much promise but the print is so small it is tedious to read. There are quite a few books about maps these days, but this one is a pretty good choice, especially as there is a good number of colour reproductions of maps included Books about maps which are short of maps in them are common than you might think The range of maps over time and space also makes this book a fun introduction to global history as well as to the craft of making maps. Easy to read but comprehensive enough for my 16 year old great holiday reading and getting him interested in history while keeping him off his Iphone. I liked it so much I bought another copy to give to a friend. Amazing book Super interesting and in great conditions, like new. Thank you well packed, quickly received and great quality. Throughout history, maps have been fundamental in shaping our view of the world, and our place in it But far from being purely scientific objects, maps of the world are unavoidably ideological and subjective, intimately bound up with the systems of power and authority of particular times and places Mapmakers do not simply represent the world, they construct it out of the ideas of their age In this scintillating book, Jerry Brotton examines the significance ofmaps from the almost mystical representations of ancient history to the satellite derived imagery of today He vividly recreates the environments and circumstances in which each of the maps was made, showing how each conveys a highly individual view of the world Brotton shows how each of his maps both influenced and reflected contemporary events and how, by reading it, we can better understand the worlds that produced itAlthough the way we map our surroundings is changing, Brotton argues that maps today are no definitive or objective than they have ever been, but that they continue to define, shape and recreate the world Readers of this book will never look at a map in quite the same way again Elegantly described, this book chronicles the context in which some of the most consequential maps were created The author is engaging in telling this story and manages to provide exquisite detail, such a names and vibrant examples, without appearing belabored. Very good book..got fairly fast.No complaint