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From the invaders of the dark ages to the aftermath of the coalition, one of Britain s most respected journalists, Simon Jenkins, weaves together a strong narrative with all the most important and interesting dates in a book that characteristically is as stylish as it is authoritative.A Short History of England sheds light on all the key individuals and events, bringing them together in an enlightening and engaging account of the country s birth, rise to global prominence and then partial eclipse.There have been long synoptic histories of England but until now there has been no standard short work covering all significant events, themes and individuals Now updated to take in the rapid progress of recent events and beautifully illustrated, this magisterial history will be the standard work for years to come.

8 thoughts on “A Short History of England

  1. Conah Conah says:

    Hardback Edition As other reviews have already said the book is brief yet thorough on the subjects that matter, going into small detail when necessary The book is quite thick as it covers the Saxon dawn 410 all the way up to current prime ministers The only problem I have is that the binding of the book my version, anyway is quite unprofessional I can see hot glue on the tops of the pages and feels like the pages could just rip out if I gave them a tug A nice addition to the book would have been a timeline of events, apart from these two things the book is wonderful and I highly recommend anyone who feels like they need to brush up on their nation s history to pick it up as did I

  2. Aussiekid Aussiekid says:

    For anyone trying to obtain a framework in time of the history of England this book is the answer. It is written clearly, intelligently with excellent pictures of events and people It does not linger too long on one section of our history but each section is allocated sufficient space to provide a good understanding It is also written interestingly and the author offers his viewpoint on certain events and the players in our history Reads like a good novel.

  3. ebats.us Customer ebats.us Customer says:

    A quick and very readable dash through English history which focuses on monarchs and parliament Understandably there s no great depth I bought it as an oldie who wanted a way to refresh and revise the overall story before choosing some areas to look at in depth It s perfect for that.

  4. Jules Jules says:

    A canter through British history with so many amazing insights and facts that this is bursting with interest and perspective.Quite apart from illustrating how our nation s fabric was woven from the threads of ambition, greed and religious belief, this is also a hugely interesting tale, told in such a way that it doesn t seem like history as I was taught it.Readable and enjoyable in equal measures, this is a fabulous.

  5. Tariki Tariki says:

    Not too short at all, medium light A very enjoyable forward narrative history of England, all the Kings and Queens, the nobility and us common folk One or two light touches of humour and at the end some uncontroversial comments on the main trends of the past and what prospects England might have Just one star taken away as there is a List of Illustrations but alas, no illustrations.

  6. Partick Potter Partick Potter says:

    The author has done a great job in telling a complex story of nearly 2,000 years in less than 300 pages He achieves this by concentrating on the major players over that period initially the monarchy, subsequently politicians.The pace, as you might imagine is fast, but always focused Although there are plenty of characters in the story, you don t feel like you are being bombarded with names That I reckon is a huge credit to the author.

  7. jj jj says:

    I would recommend this book for a 1st approcah the the history of England Once assimilating the info, you can look for in depth book for particular details

  8. Philip Philip says:

    Very readable has plugged many gaps in my knowledge of English history and answered many questions I recommend the Kindle version over the hard copy i.e reading on your screen device as the illustrations appear in the correct sequence next to the relevant text In the book they are all lumped together in the middle.