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A Survival guide to the Prado Museum is a guide for the untrained, for those that believe they dont understand art, and for those that have ended up having to or wanting to spend some time in the Prado, and who also want to make the most of their visitIn this guidebook you will find a selection of commented paintings The selection is personal and it is backed by my robust education in art and art history This is a selection of paintings that I appreciate, enjoy or just plain love in the museum These are the paintings that I would like to share with youThe selection includes most of the museums masterpieces and better known paintings However, you will also find several paintings, which dont usually make the cut for Prado guidebooks I would like to add that this was not an easy task, selecting thepaintings andartists that I have included in this guide, considering that there are overpaintings in the Prados collectionThis is not a comprehensive guide for the Prado but a guide meant to enhance your visit, which is usually limited to a couple of hours, and the aim of this book is that you leave the museum feeling you have not wasted your time and that perhaps you even had a good time

7 thoughts on “A Survival Guide to the Prado Museum (English Edition)

  1. Gavin J Duffy Gavin J Duffy says:

    I m not an art buff but I thought I would have been able to get around the Prado by myself in the end this guide proved extremely valuable.The Prado museum has some great art from many different periods but there doesn t seem to be any order in their arrangement That was the first thing I liked about the guide it did just that, guided me through the museum The second thing I liked about it was the art that it covered and the time it recommended The museum is open free of charge to the public for two hours in the evening and I definitely wouldn t have made the most of my time without it And what can I say about the art impresionante Jeffery Barrera has written a great guide that not only helped me understand the maze that is the museum but also the masterpieces by Bosch, Goya, Bosch and many Thanks Jeffery

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Very useful if you go to Prado Saves a lot of time Some pictures have moved but you can always ask All staff speaks English and can tell you where the picture is If it wasn t for the book we could have missed some of the best pictures There are too many.

  3. Emma P. Emma P. says:

    This is an absolute gem for anyone who wants to know about paintings artists and succinct bits of history putting everything in context.Just the right amount of information, clearly, amusingly and unpretentiously presented.I wish there was one of these books for every art gallery.

  4. E.K. E.K. says:

    Auswahl der Gem lde gut, Wegbeschreibung etwas chaotisch Wenn man sich alle Bilder anschauen m chte, die im Buch vorgeschlagen sind mu man das Buch umschreiben

  5. DAVID M. DAVID M. says:

    This book was helpful to have in preparation for our trip to the Prado We studied the paintings ahead of time using the book When we visited the Prado, I had the book in my purse to help us locate the works of art discussed in the book The book lists the locations of all the paintings, which is very helpful, especially towards the end of a visit when you are tired and want to make sure you have seen everything you want to see One painting was not in the location that was listed in the book The Birth of John the Baptist We asked the staff for the location of the painting They directed us to another Birth of John the Baptist but it was not the same one We never found it Otherwise, the paintings were in the locations that were described in the book.Note the photos of the paintings in the book are black and white and not very good I compensated for this by printing off color images from the internet to use for studying the paintings Overall, the book is a very helpful pre museum tool for anyone planning to visit the Prado.

  6. Anom Pen-Name Anom Pen-Name says:

    This is a very thin book with lots of white space, 116 pages of the authors opinions of 12 16 paintings.The subtitle could have been Don t Waste Your Time the Prado in 90 minutes I returned it because for the price there are numerous Madrid and Prado Museum guides that are of better value.The authors comment that Goya s Nude Maja is only a 19th Century version of a Playboy centerfold sort of sums up the level of advice given the correct title is La maja desnuda which was painted completed between 1797 1800 hardly the 19th C In fairness though, the New York Times in FEB 10, 2010 ran an article entitled Touring the Prado at Warp Speed, suggesting 45 minutes was adequate So the author definitely weighs in on the at least twice as much time to attribute to the Prado.

  7. Pulga007 Pulga007 says:

    Succinct witty guide to some amazing works in the Prado by the masters of different art movements Highly recommend