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Call it fate, call it intuition, or just call it common sense, but somehow young Alanna knows she isn t meant to become some proper lady cloistered in a convent Instead, she wants to be a great warrior maiden a female knight But in the land of Tortall, women aren t allowed to train as warriors So Alanna finds a way to switch places with her twin, Thom, and take his place as a knight in training at the palace of King Roald Disguising herself as a boy, Alanna begins her training as a page in the royal court Soon, she is garnering the admiration of all around her, including the crown prince, with her strong work ethic and her thirst for knowledge But all the while, she is haunted by the recurring vision of a black stone city that emanates evil somehow she knows it is her fate to purge that place of its wickedness But how will she find it And can she fulfill her destiny while keeping her gender a secretWith Alanna The First Adventure, veteran fantasy author Tamora Pierce has created a lively, engaging heroine who will charm middle school readers with her tomboyish bravado and have them eagerly searching for the next book in the Song of the Lioness series Like Brian Jacques s tales of Redwall, this popular quartet is an entertaining fantasy series for younger teens AgestoJennifer HubertGr Actress Trini Alvarado, known for her roles in such films as Little Women and Paulie A Parrot s Tale, superbly narrates this unabridged audio version of Alanna The First Adventure Atheneum,, the first book in the popular The Song of the Lioness quartet Tamora Pierce s story of Alanna, a girl of noble birth who disguises herself as a boy in order to become a knight, is a spirited fantasy adventure that is only madecaptivating by Alvarado s lively performance Alvarado brings Alanna s determined, yet at times insecure character to life By utilizing several accents, she deftly distinguishes the many supporting characters from one another The quality of the audio is clear, and the reading is well paced Pairing Alvarado s vocal talents with Pierce s well written and engaging story makes this a quality audiobook worthy of inclusion in any audio collection Lori Craft, Downers Grove Public Library, ILCopyrightCahners Business Information, Inc