Listfield, S: Astronaut epub –

This book is printed very nicely and filled with so many great images of Scott s work It s thought provoking, and inspired. Scott is so talented I have two of his prints and now this coffee table book Love it This monograph features dozens of works from prolific American painter Scott Listfield s Astronaut series In these paintings, Scott s protagonist, a helmeted and very human astronaut, tours a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, landmarks, and tongue in cheek science fiction references, all of which are rendered strangely exotic and alien by the inclusion of the viewpoint of this lone tourist, who is always hermetically sealed from the reality and implications of his surroundings The inclusion of geometric shapes and digital artifacts, such as QR codes, and the presence of exotic animals even dinosaurs in these quotidian scenes adds to the strangeness of the compositions, deepening Scott s commentary on the modern world and compressing time and space and layers of reality in a way that makes us pull back from the banal and experience the everyday as a visitor from a distant time or place might see it