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AllieWhen I moved to Rivers Edge, dating was the last thing on my mind I definitely didnt expect to fall for him Jesse Shepherd Popular Star athlete Cocky as hell You know the typeBut as time passed, I realized there waslurking beneath that gorgeous exteriorSecretive Angry A little bit brokenTheI peeled back his layers, the deeper I fell Until I slammed headfirst into his sea of liesJessI blew my shot Pissed everything awaycollege, lacrosse, my futureonly to end up right back where I started in Rivers Edge I was content to revel in my misery, spending my days drowning in a bottomless pit of booze and girlsUntil I saw her Allison Parrish Beautiful Sarcastic Perpetual bad attitude The pretty little distraction from the shit show that was my life But the sins of my past were closing in on me, and I learned the hard way that nothing gold can stay