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  1. Steve Benner Steve Benner says:

    A Brief History of Iceland, by Gunnar Karlsson, professor of history at the University of Iceland, was originally published in 2000 in Icelandic as a collection of some 30 double spread chapters which provide a concise, if shallow, synopsis of the main social, political and economic events in the history of this island nation from its earliest colonisation in the late ninth century to the turn of the second millennium of the Christian Era The English translation is by Anna Yates has a few oddities it appears to be pitched largely for a British readership and yet slips occasionally into US oriented phraseology and terminology using sidewalk rather than pavement, for instance which is odd but never disturbing.This revised second edition extends the original publication with a new chapter covering the banking collapse of 2010, as well as additional material in the chapter on Liberated Women to include the election of J hanna Sigur ard ttir as Iceland s first female Prime Minister in February 2009.The book is comprehensive without becoming too detailed or complex although, oddly perhaps, no mention is made anywhere of Iceland s history of tolerance of and support for gay rights, nor of it having the distinction of having had the world s first openly lesbian head of government As an academic historian, the author steers well clear of most Icelanders tendency to over romanticise or even fictionalise events in its history but manages to keep the tone pitched perfectly for a general, novice audience As a result, the book is provides an ideal overview of the full span of Icelandic history and would make either an excellent introduction to detailed study, or else provide the interested tourist with a basic understanding of how this island nation became what it is today Given the current speed of change in Iceland, however, it will may soon be in need of yet further expansion and revision.

  2. P. J. Connolly P. J. Connolly says:

    This is a short but well laid out and clear history of this interesting but little known country With its small population and remote location Iceland has rarely disturbed the consciousness of the rest of the world However now and again it comes into view and gets our attention Its strategic location in the Atlantic made it an important base during the Second World War and the Cold War Several times during the post war period Britain found itself coming off worst during the various rounds of the Cod War whilst recently its economic implosion following the reckless lending of its banks was a harbinger of things to come elsewhere.It is a beautiful country and well worth visiting If in doing so, and like me, you want to know about its history, then this book is a good place to start Recommended.

  3. JLF JLF says:

    very short history Filled in some blanks but stops at 2000

  4. ruth boling ruth boling says:

    Had all the needed infogood descriptions, easy to navigate and follow Anybody going to Iceland would find it helpful and informative.