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The sense of a scene Pieter Bruegels mastery of composition and community The great Flemish painterPieter Bruegel the Elder cwas an astoundingly inventive painter and draftsman, who made his art historical mark withbeautiful, evocative landscapesas well as religious subjects, both notable for theirvernacular languageand attention toeveryday, contemporary lifeImmersing himself in rural or small town communities, Bruegel is particularly notable for his depiction ofpeasant experience and folk culture, earning the artist nickname Peasant Bruegel Whether hunters shivering in the snow or a boisterous country fair, Bruegelraised the farming, festivals, gatherings, and games of peasant culture to the status of high art Bruegels imposing religious and moral subjects, meanwhile, such asThe Triumph of DeathandThe Tower of Babelare as awestriking and influential today as they were in the th century, inspiring contemporary culture fromThe Lord of the Ringscinematic battle scenes to Don DeLillos novelUnderworldFrom the corn harvest to the conversion of Saul, from quaint wedding processions to Christs road to Calvary, this book brings together the rich range of Bruegels subjects to introduce his powerful compositions of both biblical and earthly tableaux About the Series Each book in TASCHENs Basic Art series features a detailed chronological summary of the life and oeuvre of the artist, covering his or her cultural and historical importance a concise biography approximatelyillustrations with explanatory captions

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