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The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it Voltaire Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire, known simply as Voltaire , has practically become synonymous with the Enlightenment Voltaire was a prodigious writer, producing thousands of works about history, poetry, science and politics, and he is today celebrated as Frances greatest writer and satirist His advocacy of freedom of religion and his critiques of religious and governmental authorities made him one of the most famous men of his day, and his influence on Americas Founding Fathers is obvious The Enlightenments challenge to religious and governmental authorities was not without its risks, given that Europe and the American colonies were ruled by powerful monarchs in Britain and France Voltaire himself wrote, It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong Indeed, when some Enlightenment dared to mock or challenge authority, they were forced to flee their countries to avoid being imprisoned The list of Enlightenment thinkers who spent time in exile include John Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Guillaume Thomas Raynal Perhaps its not surprising when Voltaire wrote things like Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd, and bloody religion that has ever infected the world Voltaires most famous work was Candide, featuring a young man named Candide who lives a sheltered life in paradise being indoctrinated by his optimist mentor, Pangloss Candide quits the lifestyle, becoming gradually disillusioned with the world as he sees others hardships Candide is humorous and sarcastic, satirizing events like the Seven Years War and the Lisbon Earthquake inCandide ridicules religion, theologians, governments, the military, philosophies, and philosophers like Leibniz Candide is widely acknowledged as one of the most important works in the West

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  1. Al Al says:

    .were, I am sure, words used about Candide when it was first published.Candide is a na ve, gullible, quixotic innocent, who is launched on a fantastical journey around Europe, South America and returning to the Eastern Mediterranean, in his search for his true love, Cunegonde, and answers to the philosophical questions raised by his mentor, Pangloss.He suffers disaster after disaster and is mistreated, cheated and betrayed time after time but just keeps bouncing back.The story is written in a light, humorous style, with echoes of Gabriel Garca Marquez s magic realism with an overlying cynicism it is used to lampoon and satirise the venality of the establishment, particularly the Roman Catholic Church.It is an easy and very good read and it just flows along it is hard to imagine that it was written than 250 years ago, although at least some of the credit for this may be down to skilful translating and editing.One passage really caught my eye writing in 1759, Voltaire has Martin saying It is said of Venice.that strangers meet with a very good reception if they have a good deal of money just a few weeks ago, in late 2017, in response to a Brit who complained about being stuffed with a bill for EUR 526 for lunch for him and his parents, Luigi Brugnaro, the Mayor of Venice, called him a cheapskate and said If you come to Venice, you need to shell out a bit You re welcome, but you need to spend plus a change.

  2. Jeremy Allan-Smith Jeremy Allan-Smith says:

    Those who make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities Voltaire said that and his dictum seems to run to the core of Pangloss s optimistic belief in this, the best of all possible worlds Candide s ingenuousness turns him into a flimsy protagonist at times and, like the raging torrent that rushes him down a river outside El Dorado, he is simply at the effete end of a flawed quietism Voltaire exposes Pangloss s all smiles view of the world when he justifies the drowning of the monk Jacques off Portugal on the grounds that the sea was made for that purpose The relationship between Martin and Candide is based on often irate debate and difficult self questioning, something Voltaire adopted in his diatribes against all forms of religious propaganda and corrupt clericalism Something of a fairy tale here, but with a robust, subversive challenge to power freaks everywhere.

  3. SueKich SueKich says:

    So One finally catches up with Candide, the 84 page novella dashed off by Voltaire in three days and recognised as one of the most influential books ever written It is the story of a young man who is persuaded of the doctrine of optimism by his mentor Professor Pangloss All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.This is a strange dark fairy tale riddled with allegory and overburdened with an exaggerated, almost cartoonish brutality Also cartoon like is the resurrection of bumped off characters, however welcome their return I m looking at you, Pangloss Less welcome was the undercurrent of antisemitism I detected in certain parts of this story Et tu, Voltaire It is only really possible to understand Voltaire s great work as a satire of its times thanks to the rather odd but undoubtedly helpful footnotes I am referring to the Classics edition with Philip Littell s introduction one of the most bizarre pieces of writing I have ever read Or, to be precise, skipped I close with my favourite quote Fools admire everything in an author of reputation For my part, I read only to please myself I like only that which serves my purpose Quite so And now the sun has come out and I must cultivate my garden.

  4. Cambridge Cook Cambridge Cook says:

    This is a masterpiece, and that s not just my opinion This version was very good I had copies before that I lost, so it was good to have and read it again Even though Voltaire wrote this centuries ago, the concepts of life, how we live it, and how we relate to others, are still fresh and relevant today In fact don t read my rubbish review, search on the internet and read about what a wonderful book this is.

  5. Dr. Alastair M. D. Gemmell Dr. Alastair M. D. Gemmell says:

    This Kindle version of Candide is very disappointing in the translation, which seems to have been done from the original French solely through the medium of an automated translation system, and has not bee checked or edited since then Much of the text is in consequence gibberish, often using modern day americanisms such as ebook , motorway , U.S.of A and guys among many others certainly terms which were not in contemporary English usage in Voltaire s time Other phrases require careful study in order to make sense of what is otherwise gibberish e.g My pricey Martin. should presumably be My dear Martin. and so on.

  6. jannert jannert says:

    This Kindle translation is terrible It s full of grammatical mistakes and word errors, as if somebody who isn t terribly familiar with either French OR English has attempted to translate it At first I attempted to plow through, but no The introduction is no better, and is also full of bad grammar and the wrong words I just bought the Original English Translation on Kindle instead, and it s fine.

  7. Deep Deep says:

    No doubt why it was banned after written The hard biting satirisation of monarchs, institutions, religion, philosophy and everything is something indigestible for the people of that time But its subtle and plain humor makes one laugh A must read book

  8. Daniel Krupka Daniel Krupka says:

    I actually really enjoyed this book I had no idea it was a comedy until I actually received it and read the back cover I had just impulsively bought multiple books from notable authors to read to and from Europe Despite being obviously outdated, it was pretty funny However, you have to really have a somewhat thorough grasp of the philosophies of people like Kant and others during that time period There are a lot of references in there that will make any philosophy major chuckle a bit It s a super entertaining and ridiculous story that s quite unfortunate It s a short read though and I m glad Any longer would just be pushing it If you want something lighthearted and are a philosophy major or familiar with the discipline you should definitely check this book out.

  9. Marco & Simo Marco & Simo says:

    Voltaire, fortemente sconvolto dal terribile terremoto che devast Lisbona nel 1755, decise di scrivere quest opera satirica attaccando la dottrina leibniziana dell ottimismo.Il protagonista della storia, Candido, un giovane uomo che vive in un castello in Westphalia, educato da un precettore chiamato Pangloss il quale crede che il mondo sia il migliore dei mondi possibili.Questa concezione viene messa a dura prova durante il romanzo Candido, infatti, viene cacciato dal castello perch scoperto mentre baciava sua cugina Cunegonda e, da questo momento in poi, viene coinvolto da una serie di disavventure che gli mostrano la faccia pi negativa del mondo Nel romanzo, infatti vi sono descrizioni di eccidi, stupri, violenze oltre che una forte protesta contro la schiavit e la sua brutalit.La storia di per s molto breve, ma la lettura interessante poich non solo in grado di stimolare la riflessione su temi che ancora oggi possono essere ritenuti attuali, ma questa edizione Penguin anche corredata da delle note molto esplicative che permettono di contestualizzare il testo, oltre che delle appendici in cui sono presenti la versione alternativa dell inizio del romanzo, il poema di Voltaire sul Disastro di Lisbona e alcune voci che Voltaire scrisse per il Dizionario filosofico, le quali consentono di comprendere maggiormente il pensiero del filosofo La traduzione inglese riesce a rendere molto bene lo humor del testo originale.Inoltre, ho molto gradito la presenza di una mappa raffigurante tutti gli spostamenti di Candido durante le sue avventure.Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che gradiscono romanzi d avventura, ma che, al contempo vogliono anche approfondire il pensiero di Voltaire.

  10. Dr. Shopper. Dr. Shopper. says:

    I thought the library binding hardcover binding will be better than the regular paperback but this edition of Candide and Related Texts Hackett Classics is just horrible The paper is so thin it looks like paper from mass market paperback like those from Penguin classics But Penguin Classic are cheap it suits everyone s pocket It this one the other hand don t do justice as a hardcover book Avoid this particular hardcover from Hackett.As far as Candide is concerned there are many translations available From Oxford,Penguin etc other than the related texts as mentioned in the book there s no need to get this edition Better edition are available at cheaper price.Hackett is one of the few publishers where their paperback quality is same as the hardcover quality paper wise You will see that other publishers usually have better paper quality for hardcover because it s meant for long durability otherwise why buy hardcover book