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Victor Mancini has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mother s hospital care pretend to be choking on a piece of food in a restaurant and the person who saves you will feel responsible for you for the rest of their lives Multiply that a couple of hundred times and you generate a healthy flow of cheques, week in, week out Victor also works at a theme park with a motley group of losers, cruises sex addiction groups for action, and visits his mother, whose Alzheimer s disease now hides what may be the startling truth about his parentage

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  1. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Ho letto prima la versione italiana, ma la versione originale ovviamente ancora meglio Consiglio a tutti di leggere anche la versione originale perch moltissimi giochi di parole tipici di Palahniuk sono intraducibili

  2. alessandra castellani alessandra castellani says:

    Un libro incredibile per comprendere la natura umana e quelle menti che troppo facilmente vengono classificate come fallate come nel caso del protagonista, sesso dipendente, fa uso di droghe e non ha assolutamente alcuna stima di se Il racconto avvolgente e commovente, lo consiglio a tutti coloro che si riempiono la bocca di pregiudizi e bigotterie.

  3. Stelvio Stelvio says:

    Great expectations at the starts, it looks like the author run short of ideas about how to fully develop and tie them to close the book.

  4. PaoloZ PaoloZ says:

    Con il suo solito stile scarno e diretto mi ricorda Bukowski Palahniuk propone un nuovo viaggio fra personaggi ai bordi dell umanit.Il libro divertente e volgare, pieno delle strane idee che l autore sembra partorire di continuo Alcune invenzioni strappano la risata, altre sorprendono, altre fanno male al solo immaginarle.Un buon passatempo non scevro di sorprese sparse qua e l Capitoli corti e poche righe inutili l autore possiede il dono della sintesi, quasi scomparso ultimamente quasi non si vedono pi romanzi sotto le 300 pagine.Manca della forza distruttrice del suo Fight Club, ma comunque un tuffo nella mente con lo stesso accompagnatore svitato.Un romanzo che probabilmente perde parte della sua forza se letto in versione tradotta.Consigliato a chi ride per un rutto a tavola.In una parola scoppiato.

  5. Crina-Ludmila Cristea Crina-Ludmila Cristea says:

    An unforgetable book I ve tried reading Chuck Palahniuk before but I didn t quite enjoyed his style I was watching an interview with him and Joe Rogan on youtube and I really liked the way he spoke about the process of writing, censorship and honesty in writing I tried this book and I enjoyed the style It really pulls you in And just as the readers is warned at the begining, once you re in, you must stay until the end and are compelled to do so before of the dark and intelligent writing I highly recommend this And I might pick up Lullaby as well Sounds interesting from what I ve read.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    I recommend it quite often at work as it made me laugh out loud and provoke some thought afterward Pointing an 80 year old lady in the direction of it when they want a recommendation keeps me happy, which may explain why I enjoyed it I kept getting the impression i d read parts of it before or had seen them used in shows, which may attest to how good it is if people have used parts that is I get the feeling the sex scenes are created to dull your reaction to them over time as an addict would feel, even if they are ridiculous Although that s its down fall, the ridiculousness of it made me want to skip those moments Although the build up of unbelievably add weight to the final chapters in the book I d read it quite i m meant to write I cudn t put it down duhhhhhhh..I think.I award this 4 puppies and an icecream.

  7. John Tierney John Tierney says:

    Victor Mancini is a con artist who pretends to choke for a living, a recoving sex addict and has a weird mother dying in a nursing home Chuck Palahniuk weaves these disparate threads together into a wonderfully funny, if dark, novel.I read this after reading Fight Club and, possibly because Fight Club seemed so familiar because I d already seen the film lots of times, Choke seems fresher, funnier and dare I say it a better book.The cast of characters is consistently sketched out and both the dialogue and plot are sharp, witty and take unexpected turns.As with all his books, I would not recommend this for someone whose sensibilities are easily offended, but if you are familiar with his work, you should not be disappointed If you like Brett Easton Ellis, he s similar, but is funny as well.Highly recommended.

  8. Jess Pagan Jess Pagan says:

    Heavy and grimy, he has a way of revealing the appalling pitiful side of human nature Its unique style and fast paced storytelling takes you on a ride to find out if Vincent Mancini could ever be a decent human being.

  9. Samantha Brookfield Samantha Brookfield says:

    I fell in love with Chuck s style of writing when I was about 14 and picked up a copy of Fight Club because I loved the film and wanted to see how the book compared Since then, I ve been completely hooked on his work but I d have to say that Choke is my favourite of his novels so far As some of the other reviewers have said, it s not for people with weak stomachs but I d also like to add that it s not for people without a fair bit of imagination A Chuck Palahniuk novel is always a massive extension of reality and that s what I love about them The humour is sick, dark and surreal and nothing is ever what it seems to be It s not something I d recommend to everyone but if you re looking for something with plenty of twists and are willing to see the funny side in the weird and wonderful then this is the book for you.

  10. Chloe Mutch Chloe Mutch says:

    Awesome isn t the right word, but it s the first word that comes to mind.This book, as with all of Chucks books, stays in with his unique writing style is captivating as always The main character and his struggle to let the world define him, while also trying to continue with his want to be needed is what kept me reading obsessively.This is definitely one of his best, a true show of his brilliance as a writer.

  11. Gcrikey Gcrikey says:

    this book tells a hilarious tale of a sexaholic called victor mancini who to pay for his mother s hospital care pretends to choke in restaurants the story is full of twists and turns, lots of laughs and strange goings on not to mention lots of cringe worthy sexual shenanigans i confess that i haven t read fight club, but choke and the film fight club are told in a similar unique style.i really enjoyed this book, it s ideal for a vacation or if you are bored with some of your current authors and can t find anything different hope this helps.

  12. S. Zacharias S. Zacharias says:

    Entertaining enough, although a little raw here and there It is very difficult to empathise with any of the characters not through any fault of the author s skill, he has proven himself in the past but rather through his choice to populate the novel with people we cannot relate to or wish not to relate to I doubt there will be too much memorable enough to stand the test of time, and I feel there were too many missed opportunities for humour the novel remains readable enough, sometimes fixating with its crudity but often than not driving us because we are curious as to where the plot is going