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Lady Brandy Tremaine wished she had never gone on this blasted buffalo hunt with her father She d been separated with her party and was now lost and frantic She would surely die in this wilderness But when she was most despairing she ran across Sky Walker, a Comanche warrior who promised to see her back to civilization just as soon as he finished at the Peace CouncilHurrying on foot to the peace council, Sky Walker was not happy about the Apache warriors stealing his horses Nor about the delay the white woman would surely cause him But when he looked at her beauty, he felt his blood boiling with passion She was like no other woman with her grass green eyes and hair the color of white man s gold Yes, he would help this woman he d even take her to the peace council but could he actually bring himself to give her up when it was over

11 thoughts on “Comanche Embrace: Historical Comanche Romance (Comanche Trio Book 3) (English Edition)

  1. Pat Pat says:

    Good read

  2. rita. l rita. l says:

    QiQuiteA goof this is not to bad a read I think it is a bit drawn out though sorry

  3. Dianne Hill Dianne Hill says:

    Love this authors books Descriptive entertaining made it hard to put down

  4. Rebecca Sunshine Rebecca Sunshine says:

    Not since my youth and Stephan King has a writer gotten their claws in me so effectively, that I could literally not put the book down One word for this gifted writer Betty Brooks WOW I love, love, love this book It was SO good, I barely put it down I couldn t hardly stand to part with it, to prepare a meal or take a shower, although I did, I couldn t wait to get back to it the second I completed my needed tasks This writer has seduced me with her brilliant style I m now browsing for the next book of hers I intend on purchasing.Thank YOU Betty Brooks Also a special Thank you to your lovely daughters for making these books possible on Kindle and encouraging you to keep writing for us I can t wait to read them all Please NEVER STOP Writing I don t know what I d do without of your incredible stories, except maybe read them all over again 3

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I found this book to be a good fast read I enjoyed the characters with the family tribe interactions Content was in keeping with this author s style I would recommend this book to others

  6. Kgose5 Kgose5 says:

    Such a great story and I fell in love with sky walker as I read his story Its also full of action and adventures This one is a keeper for sure

  7. Kelly Nguyen Kelly Nguyen says:

    Good story line

  8. Susan Freire Susan Freire says:

    Every girl s dream,,,A hero, a brave man, a real man.

  9. grandma deb grandma deb says:

    just started to read betty brooks really like her this is the 4th book ive ordered from from this author

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very exciting action Realistic portrayal of problems with love between people of different cultures Constant twists and turns in the plot.

  11. sylvia wallenberg sylvia wallenberg says:

    great to watch a second time