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Conversations with Miloevi is a firsthand portrayal of the so called Butcher of the Balkans, the Serbian president whose ambitions sparked the Bosnian conflict At its heart the book is a portrait of an autocrat who rode the tiger of nationalism to serve his own ends and to promote those who furthered his agenda The architect of ethnic cleansing in modern Europe, Slobodan Miloevi created and sponsored two Frankensteins monsters, Ratko Mladi and Radovan Karadi, who were also indicted for war crimesThrough these personalities, diplomat and political advisor Ivor Roberts analyzes the unfolding of the Kosovo conflict, which directly sowed the seeds of radicalization in Europe today He contends that this conflict later provided a false template for the Bush Blair administrations illegal invasion of Iraq regime change under the guise of a humanitarian war He further investigates how international recognition of Kosovo in the years after the conflict in breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions set a disastrous precedent for the Russian annexation of Crimea

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  1. annap annap says:

    An extremely readable, fascinating account of the author s meetings with the infamous Milosevic giving an insight into the workings of his distorted mind and barbarous behaviour Few if any other people had such intimate contact with Milosevic The book, despite its subject matter, is not heavy but full of interesting and sometimes amusing anecdotes It also helps us understand the wider conflict in the area at this time and the extreme violence during the war period and the breakup of Yugoslavia.

  2. Aleksej Zoric Aleksej Zoric says:

    Interesting book

  3. SkatertnyP SkatertnyP says:

    I have not read the book in its current form but I did my honest best to suppress it when Sir Ivor and I were still working diplomats.It s highly unusual to have such detailed accounts of private diplomatic negotiation with a leader who became a war crimes indictee, so if you are interested in the substance and in what these accounts say about Sir Ivor himself and diplomatic methodology generally swallow your cheque book and buy a copy.See also my own website for thoughts on some of the issues raised

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Not much interested in that part of the world.