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Vivid, graphic and moving Mail on Sunday Book of the Year It has a wonderful immediacy and vitality living history in every sense Anthony Horowitz Fantastic Dan Snow Compellingly authentic, revelatory and beautifully written A gripping tour deforce Damien Lewis Stirring and unsettling in equal measure, this is history writing at its most powerful Evening StandardAlmost seventy five years have passed since D Day, the day of the greatest seaborne invasion in history The outcome of the Second World War hung in the balance on that chill June morning If Allied forces succeeded in gaining a foothold in northern France, the road to victory would be open But if the Allies could be driven back into the sea, the invasion would be stalled for years, perhaps foreverAn epic battle that involved , men ships and , armoured vehicles, the desperate struggle that unfolded onJunewas, above all, a story of individual heroics of men who were driven to keep fighting until the German defences were smashed and the precarious beachheads secured Their authentic human story Allied, German, French has never fully been toldGiles Milton s bold new history narrates the day s events through the tales of survivors from all sides the teenage Allied conscript, the crack German defender, the French resistance fighter From the military architects at Supreme Headquarters to the young schoolboy in the Wehrmacht s bunkers, D Day The Soldiers Story lays bare the absolute terror of those trapped in the frontline of Operation Overlord It also gives voice to those hitherto unheard the French butcher s daughter, the Panzer Commander s wife, the chauffeur to the General StaffThis vast canvas of human bravado reveals the longest day as never before less as a masterpiece of strategic planning than a day on which thousands of scared young men found themselves staring death in the face It is drawn in its entirety from the raw, unvarnished experiences of those who were there

11 thoughts on “D-Day: The Soldiers' Story

  1. mcqueen mcqueen says:

    By far the best account for the d day landings highly recommended for anyone wanting to know what it was like to be there on this momentous day,very hard to put down once started.the way the author describes the battle scenes is like being there all the gore and heroism is well documented.

  2. reader reader says:

    Having read The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, by the same author, I pre,ordered this I ve certainly not been disappointed A brilliantly written account Worth buying for the build up and raid on the two bridges that signalled the beginning of D DAY.

  3. Mark Chisholm Mark Chisholm says:

    History inparticular WW2 has become a rich treasure trove of stories and histories Unfortunately, it s also one ridden with fake books such as Tiger Tracks by Wolfgang Faust and other books such as Tank Action written by David Renner based upon the menoirs of Stuart Tootal which take the framework of truth but have enough embelishments and innacuracies to render them redundent as an entirely believable history Thankfully, this book about D Day and the immediate time afterwards by Giles Milton is not one of those books When you read it you get a genuine sense of the truth of the stories and the men telling them.This book and of course the story of D Day belongs to the thousands of men who risked it all and the many whom gave it for the freedom of people to live in a moderate society It is of course meant as described to be a story about humans not the bigger picture they are painted in There are many histories that describe the actual events but this is about getting down in the weeds with the people who lived it.If you are a history buff and of course focused on WW2 this is an excellent addition to the story It adds the human element to the events that other books gloss over.

  4. M J Mann M J Mann says:

    D Day is both an epic and intensely personal account of the D Day landings I am in awe of what the Allied soldiers went through for the cause of freedom and I come away from reading D Day wondering what if anything I can do to honour these brave men, those who died and those who survived In terms of the text, D Day is as accessible as it is immediate There are footnotes, but these are at the back of the book so as not to interrupt the flow of the narrative Giles Milton is to be congratulated for taking us to the shores of Normandy the start of a great journey I will certainly never forget.

  5. Reginald Herbert Reginald Herbert says:

    I have recently finished reading this book It is the most stunning account of any aspect of WWII that I have ever read and is absolutely riveting from beginning to end I cannot recommend it highly enough it is such a good read.

  6. RJM RJM says:

    Smell hear feel touch and taste the fear the horror of watching your mates blasted apart in front of you and keep yourself going Milton has the ability to put you THERE the planning the training the spectacle of what was DDay another of his books that I couldnt put down

  7. Timothy Wingham Timothy Wingham says:

    I bought this book with expectations set too high.It s written in a near child like way and has errors that would not have passed a proof reader with subject knowledge.It was delivered promptly and packaged well I read it and delivered it equally promptly to my local charity shop It never made it to my bookshelves Disappointed.

  8. CelticMorning CelticMorning says:

    I thoughly enjoyed this book and , like other reviewers, found it hard to put down I doubt there will ever again be a generation equal to those who fought through that incredible day The book offers a realistic account of what they went through and brings their efforts and suffering into vivid reality and I had to ask myself, how the hell did they get through it all For those who cannot imagine the hell of war then this book is a must for no imagination is required Page after page places the reader in the middle of it all and brings it to the reader in stark reality so that we realise how lucky we are to be able to read about it rather than experience it This book is in a class of its own, the best account of battle I have ever read.

  9. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    Given as a gift Really enjoyed by the person who received it

  10. Kara C. Garcia Kara C. Garcia says:

    First of all, this is a British edition the US edition will release in March under the title Soldier, Sailor, Frogman, Spy, Airman, Gangster, Kill or Die How the Allies Won on D Day However, if you re up in the air, it s well worth the purchase either way.Where every other book I ve read on D Day focuses either on the military strategy or on one participant, this story gets down into the trenches, bunkers, and beaches and tells the stories of the individuals who fought on D Day Regardless of which side they fought on, this book tells what they experienced, relates their stories, and then connects it to the larger story of what happened on D Day.I loved how it was organized It s told chronologically, breaking down the day and telling the events in pieces However, within each of those pieces, the author doesn t generalize or focus on just one person, but rather includes several perspectives, narratives, and quotes to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of what it was like It s almost as though you re there throughout the day, being transported to different parts of the battle at different times.Finally, while relating the famous moments and figures from D Day, the author also pulls back and shows how important the little guys were I ve never been so struck by the decisions and actions of average soldiers made such a difference in winning the battle.This book is absolutely heartbreaking and exhilarating, and makes me grateful for the men who fought that day, some of whose names I know now because of this book Without a doubt, the best book I ve read about D Day.

  11. Larry McDowell Larry McDowell says:

    A very good narrative