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Lucian of Samosata is celebrated for lively and original satires, which demonstrate his cynical wit and critical interpretation of Greek literature Well regarded for his Attic purity and the elegance of his Greek, Lucian is now recognised as one of the first true modern innovators of literature Delphis Ancient Classics series provides eReaders with the wisdom of the Classical world, with both English translations and the original Greek texts For the first time in digital publishing, this comprehensive eBook presents Lucians complete extant works, with beautiful illustrations, rare translations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material VersionBeautifully illustrated with images relating to Lucian s life and works Features the complete extant works of Lucian, in both English translation and the original Greek Concise introductions to the famous satires Includes translations by H W Fowler and F G Fowler Oxford University Press and by A M Harmon Loeb Classical Library Excellent formatting of the texts Includes many rare translations of Pseudo Lucian works, available in no other collection Lucians Epigrams, translated by W R Paton in the Loeb Classical Library Greek Anthology editions Features two bonus biographies discover Lucian s ancient world Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genresPlease visit delphiclassics to explore our range of Ancient Classics titles or buy the entire series as a Super SetCONTENTS The TranslationsPHALARISPHALARISHIPPIAS DIONYSUS HERACLES AMBER OR, THE SWANS THE FLY NIGRINUS DEMONAX CONCERNING A HALL MY NATIVE LAND OCTOGENERIANS A TRUE STORY SLANDER THE CONSONANTS AT LAW THE CAROUSAL SYMPOSIUM OR THE LAPITHS SOLOECISTA THE DOWNWARD JOURNEY OR THE TYRANT ZEUS CATECHIZED ZEUS CROSS EXAMINED ZEUS RANTS THE COCK PROMETHEUS ICAROMENIPPUS OR THE SKY MAN TIMON OR THE MISANTHROPE CHARON OR THE INSPECTORS SALE OF CREEDS THE FISHERMAN THE DOUBLE INDICTMENT ON SACRIFICES REMARKS ADDRESSED TO AN ILLITERATE BOOK FANCIER THE DREAM OR LUCIANS CAREER THE PARASITE PARASITIC AN ART THE LOVER OF LIES THE JUDGEMENT OF THE GODDESSES ON SALARIED POSTS IN GREAT HOUSES ANACHARSIS MENIPPUS LUCIUS OR, THE ASS ON FUNERALS ON MOURNING A PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING ALEXANDER THE FALSE PROPHET ESSAYS IN PORTRAITURE ESSAYS IN PORTRAITURE DEFENDED THE SYRIAN GODDESS OF PANTOMIME LEXIPHANES THE EUNUCH ASTROLOGY AMORES THE MISTAKEN CRITIC THE PARLIAMENT OF THE GODS THE TYRANNICIDE DISOWNED THE PASSING OF PEREGRINUS THE RUNAWAYS TOXARIS DEMOSTHENES HOW TO WRITE HISTORY THE DIPSADS SATURNALIA HERODOTUS OR AETION