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The editor of the Encyclopedie and author of idiosyncratic works of fiction such as Rameau s Nephew , Denis Diderot was also the first great art critic His most important productions in this genre the Salon ofand the Salon of, each occasioned by one of the biennial exhibitions held in the Louvre are among the most brilliant and captivating texts of the French eighteenth century, and this edition makes them available in English for the first time Diderot s writings on art, the most important before Baudelaire, are poised between the eras of aesthetic idealism, of princely patronage and the modern art market They take the many contradictions of this transitional moment in Western visual culture as their object of study, exploring them with all the sparkling wit, analytic penetration, and human empathy which Diderot could command An introduction by Thomas Crow describes the peculiar circumstances under which these texts were written, and concise notes make it possible for non specialist readers to keep their bearings in the vividly evoked world of late eighteenth century Paris The Salon ofis the longest and most extravagantly inventive of Diderot s art critical texts It is perhaps best known for an enchanting excursion through the landscapes of several paintings by Joseph Vernet and for Diderot s ruminations on historical nostalgia, prompted by pictures of ruins by Hubert Robert, but it also explores many questions which remain of compelling interest the relationships of nature and culture, invention and convention, language and the visual, power and image John Goodman is a specialist in French visual culture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Thomas Crow is Chair of History of Art at the University of Sussex, and the author of Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth Century Paris and Emulation Making Artists for Revolutionary France , both published by Yale University Press

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    This is quite likely to be the definitive English translation of Diderot s Salon de 1767.There is a brief and informative introduction by Thomas Crow, and few but useful footnotes to clarify and explain some elements with context.The index proves to be useful to find the location for mentions of a specific artist in the volume.Like in the first volume of this set of Diderot s criticism in English translation, there is a group of black and white plates half way through the volume.

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    If you have been interested by Michael Fried book Absorption and Theatricality you will find usefu l to buy ths Diderot to which Fried refers many times