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Noted naturopathic physician Dr Peter J D Adamo introduces a revolutionary new way to eat and live In Eat Right for Your Type, he explains his groundbreaking diet plan by blood type Our blood type is a road map to our inner chemistry and each blood type processes food, handles stress, and fights disease differently Find out what you should be eating and how you should exercise in accord with your own type This is a book each and everyone should get.The best thing is trying to get the organic products and depending on where one is you might not get all the products that you might want to There are also products especially fruits you have loved, but you might have to avoid, that is hard, but I think it helps.Thank you for this book Dr Peter J D Adamo s blood type books have proven very helpful in my self care and body issues like joint disorders and my doctors recommending gluten free, lactose free, etc. I am currently seeing a holistic doctor who recommended this book to me I have been following the plan for two weeks now, and am seeing marvelous results I have lost six pounds I have had a chronic health problem clear up I have lost the food cravings which were driving me crazy I have energy And my hormone levels seem to be balancing out Mind you, this program is not necessarily easy to follow The fast food lifestyle that most Americans follow is deeply ingrained in many of us, and can be hard to give up Processed foods are everywhere, convenient, and simple to grab and eat when you re hungry This plan requires some planning, some thought, and a dedication to finding organic produce and meats I m a Type O But if you re willing and able to do so, the benefits are terrific I have one small quibble with the book D Adamo suggests the use of Ezekial or Essene breads for Type Os, but my doctor tells me they contain gluten, so I avoid them I would also recommend that people with sugar cravings avoid chocolate altogether, as it makes it harder to get past those if you still eat it.All in all though, this is a fantastic book, and the companion book, Cook Right For Your Type is a wonderful addition to this plan If you re willing to follow through, this concept can change your life for the better