[Audiobooks] Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History)Autor Michael Burgan – Hometrainer-tests.de

You re one of millions of immigrants leaving your home in the early s to move to the United States You re searching for a better life Ellis Island, near New York City, is your first stop in your search for opportunity and freedom Officials on the island have been processing immigrants there for decades, but not everyone gets through If you pass the tests, you re on your way to a new life in the United States If you don t, you may find yourself being sent back to your homeland What path will you take Will you Be a Jewish youth leaving the violence of Russia in hopes of a better life in America Be an Italian teen who lands at Ellis Island during World War I A German immigrant who faces deportation Everything in this book happened to real people And YOU CHOOSE what you do next The choices you make could lead you to opportunity, to wealth, to poverty, or even to death