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Art and finance coalesce in the elite world of fine art collecting and investing Investors and collectors can t protect and profit from their collections without grappling with a range of complex issues like risk, insurance, restoration, and conservation They require intimate knowledge not only of art but also of finance Clare McAndrew and a highly qualified team of contributors explain the most difficult financial matters facing art investors Key topics include Appraisal and valuation Art as loan collateral Securitization and taxation Investing in art funds Insurance The black market art trade Clare McAndrew has a PhD in economics and is the author of The Art Economy She is considered a leading expert on the economics of art ownershipDr Clare McAndrew is a cultural economist, investment analyst, and published author Clare completed her PhD in economics at Trinity College Dublin in , where she also lectured and taught economics for four years She then led a number of research projects for the Arts Council of the UK publishing studies on the effects of regulation, taxation and other issues in the visual arts market In , Clare joined US firm Kusin Company, a boutique investment banking firm specializing in art investment, as chief economist where she worked for three years She returned to Ireland in , and continued her work in the art market in a private consulting capacity with a global client base Clare founded Arts Economics into focus her efforts on art market research and analysis, and works with a network of private consultants and academic researchers in providing research and consulting services to the global art trade and financial sector

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