Prime Finland at War 1939–45 (Elite Book 141)Author Philip Jowett –

In the face of Soviet invasion in , and once again in , the armies raised by Finland a tiny nation of onlymillion people astonished the world by their effective resistance At the end of both these campaigns the Winter War, and the Continuation War the fiercely patriotic defiance of vastly stronger Soviet forces by Marshal Mannerheim s soldiers won their country a unique prize although forced to accept harsh terms, Finland was never occupied by the Red Army, and retained its independence This book explains and illustrates, for the first time in English, the organization, uniforms, equipment and tactics of Finland s defenders

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  1. Enquirer Enquirer says:

    It was a real treat to go through an entire Osprey seeing fresh photos, reading fresh text, gleaning fresh info and looking at fresh uniform art This is one of the best Ospreys ever from a general perspective I am just not sufficiently well versed in the Finnish army to be sure it s all accurate However I instinctively trust the author s authority and after all I did buy the book to remedy my own ignorance Excellent artwork captures the feel of Finnish troops through 3 wars Winter war, Continuation war both against the Soviets, and the Lapland war aginst the Germans near the end of WW2.

  2. FG FG says:

    As one would expect from this publisher, produced to a high standard and covers the subject well within the limitations of page numbers and format Maps needed to be numerous and better quality, which marrs its usefulness.

  3. Galileo Galileo says:

    Very good

  4. Stig Suominen Stig Suominen says:

    Met my expectations

  5. Rob Hymer Rob Hymer says:

    There hasn t, until now, been a good primer to the Finnish Army in the three wars it fought between 1939 and 1944, so this book is particularly welcome A professional guide to the Finnish Army s equipment, uniforms and tactics, it contains some rare photographs, some never seen before, and eight excellent colour plates by one of Osprey s best artists, Raffaele Ruggieri.It s especially pleasing to have a brief history of Finland s short war with Germany in 1944, a rarity indeed.In all, a thorough and competent study of a sadly overlooked army in World War Two.

  6. Eleanor Takahashi iNSKIP Eleanor Takahashi iNSKIP says:

    Not much is written about these events The Russians finally gave up I originally was trying to find a biography of the famous Finnish sniper with over 500 kills in this war I found a little info over the Internet A first edition book was offered for over 3000 This book at least mentions him and the price is right

  7. Jean Michael Guhl Jean Michael Guhl says:

    Vu le nombre r duit de pages, ce bon petit livre se concentre sur la description prioritaire des armes et uniformes de l arm e finlandaise de 1939 1944 D un acc s facile, on peut juste regretter qu il survole trop rapidement la marine et l aviation finlandaises C est une bonne introduction qui voudrait d couvrir les ressorts de la seule arm e au monde avoir su r sister au rouleau compresseur sovi tique et conserver la Finlande libre et d mocratique Avec sa petite arm e de citoyens campagnards fondamentalement attach e d fendre sa libert , la Finlande a crit une grande page de l histoire militaire du monde.

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    very pleased with my order

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    Osprey sort des ouvrages de qualit diff rentes sur les conflits.Celui ci est l un des meilleurs que j ai pu lire sur cette guerre tr s m connue en France La Finlande agress par les Russes en 1940 se joindra aux Allemands en 1941 pour se retourner contre eux en 1944 Ce petit pays lutta courageusement Le livre raconte cette histoire sans oublier d indiquer l organisation des unit s, l armement des troupes terrestres et a riennes Par contre pas grand chose c t fluvial et maritime.