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Having foiled the Soviet invasion of the Winter War, the Finns found themselves embroiled in an ongoing conflict to maintain her borders as the Soviets recovered from the initial advances made by the Germans during the Barbarossa campaign Yet as the red tide of Soviet forces pushed back the German army, the Finnish forces, despite their lack of equipment, obsolete machinery and miniscule manpower held firm against the Soviets throughout the continuation war, ensuring their post war independence one the Western side of the Iron curtain But that was not the end of hostilities for the exhausted Finnish nation, as they turned their attentions to the Nazi forces embedded within their territory, calling up brigades populated with teenagers to force German forces inexorably back Featuring some incredible, never before seen photographs and first hand accounts, this is the history of one of the most incredible moments in modern military historyAfter graduating college, Vesa Nenye followed his family s illustrious military tradition and served his country, Finland, as a Tank Commander and an Arms Munitions NCO Upon leaving the armed forces, he became a member of the Panssarikilta the armoured core heritage society in Finland A veteran of historical and strategy gaming in Finland, Peter Munter founded a play by mail business in the times before internet and worked extensively as writer and translator of roleplaying supplements in the late s Peter is an ex Marine from the Finnish Navy and currently works as a Managing Director in a games retail chain that he established with Vesa Nenye inAfter graduating from high school with the highest grades, Toni Wirtanen served in the Kymi J ger Battalion of the Karelian Brigade, as an infantry anti tank specialist He was discharged with honours as a lance corporal, and has ever since been active with the reservist corps Toni is best known for his work as the singer and songwriter in the rock band Apulanta, founded in