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Layton wants success, Adler wants family, how can love make both these things possible Layton Foxx works hard for what he has The condo, the career, the chance to make his mark, is all down to the sacrifices he has made With tragedy in his past, he doesnt want or need love Then he meets Adler Lockhart, the extroverted, sexy winger for the Harrisburg Railers and abruptly he cant avoid love even if he wanted toAdler Lockhart has had everything handed to him his whole life Cars, villas, cash, college tuition at the finest Ivy League schools The only things he doesnt have are parents who care or the love of a good man Then Layton walks into his privileged life and shows him what real love can be like Word Count ,

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  1. Edga Edga says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series and this follows straight on from that one I was hoping we would get Adler s story, I really liked his character in the last book, and I was not disappointed Basically, all Adler wants is to be a part of a family and to be loved His love interest, Layton has obviously suffered a tragedy in his past, which makes him skittish and unwilling to get involved in a relationship.As you read, you realise that Adler and Layton are made for each other It seems an unlikely pairing, big, brash Adler and sensitive, highly strung Layton However, together they are perfect Rj Scott and V.L Locey have written a story even better than the first in the series It s emotional and sad in parts, but Adler really made it for me As much as he comes across as rude, arrogant and overbearing, he really is a teddy bear that has a huge capacity for love and tenderness The development of his and Layton s relationship is a joy to read I fell in love with Adler, and hope to see of him in future books Looking forward to the next book.I received an arc of this book, however, my review is voluntary and was not influenced by the author.

  2. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    Adler and his lack of filter and ability to blurt out the first thing that comes into his head totally stole the show in this second offering from RJ Scott and VL Locey.He truly was a wonderful character and perfectly suited to be the one who managed to break through Layton s much needed walls Layton himself, oh how I wanted to hug him, polished and professional on the outside but still suffering from a truly horrific incident in his past.Together they created a sweet and tender romance which was firmly rooted in emotions as much as it was in getting off They never progress past frotting and mutual blow jobs and I have to say, I m glad Given Layton s past, it would have been a serious case of magic dick and something wholly out of keeping with the narrative.I do believe they d eventually get there though, Adler has an innate ability to work through Layton fears, demonstrating kindness and love.There s a wee glimpse into Ten and Mads coming out from the other side and plot bunnies firmly out in place for book three.Plus we still get on page hockey talk, great in a sports book to actually read some game play, and the cover is fabulous.

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    I do love a good hockey series, the couple from the first book are all set to come out to the world and need help in the form of anxiety ridden social media guru

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The one thing I can rely on with these authors is a bloody good story and plot And just to make the book of a page turner is the intimacy and sexual tension between the two main characters.Can t wait to read book 3


    So unlikely a scenario as to be fiction It was Oops My mistake.

  6. Michael Wild Michael Wild says:

    It is what you would expect A standard sports jock romance, but it falls short by feeling incomplete.

  7. Alan Verhagen Alan Verhagen says:

    Layton has the thankless job of managing PR for a hockey team Adler is new recruit Both have their issues and both keep their orientation under wraps This was a fun and engrossing read, exploring the pressures on elite gay sportsmen Both characters were well drawn with Adler s impulsivity hugely entertaining

  8. P3 P3 says:

    I really enjoyed this book and would have given it 5 stars if it was longer I felt like the story was a little rushed.

  9. janet janet says:

    Good series

  10. emse emse says:

    besser Der erste Teil hat mich leicht entt uscht Die Entwicklung der Beziehung von Adler und Layton hat mir sehr gefallen.

  11. LaurieP LaurieP says:

    Hired to help with the media circus that is going to ensue after a player and coach for the Harrisburg Railers coming out as gay, Layton has his work cut out for him Added to the mix is one of the players, Adler, who has shown an interest in him And while he returns Adler s interest, there are things in his past that keep him cringing and shying away Adler s gentle pursuit slowly works on Layton.Adler is a fun character He has an open mouth and words fall out problem What he says doesn t always come out the way he means At heart he s a fun, loving and caring guy It just doesn t come across that way all the time With cold and uncaring parents, all he s looking for is someone to love him He thinks that someone is Layton Now he needs to take things slowly enough for Layton to realize it too And then there is the fact that if he wants Layton, he ll need to come out of the closet too.Loved both Layton and Adler Their different personalities contrast nicely, and yet balances well between them They have starts and stops, pushes and pulls in the building of their relationship Also, the secondary cast of characters from the first book, Changing Lines, show up here Tennant and Jared, Stan and the rest of the group add great depth to this story I think Stan may need his own book And I am looking forward to the next book in the series.On a serious note, I love the way the authors dealt with the issue of a player coming out Of being gay in a professional sport It will happen at some point, I hope soon I also have hope that in real life the player is allowed to live and love as he chooses He will be a brave, brave person And this world needs brave people.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  12. PaulnSeattle PaulnSeattle says:

    First, if you haven t read Book 1, do yourself a favor and grab it and get started Then read this amazing book If you miss Book 1, you ll miss out on a LOT of back story Ten and Jared are wonderful In this installment in the series, we get Layton and Adler Layton is hired to handle the fall out of the event which comes from Book 1 no spoilers, if you want to know what happens, read the books LOL Adler is a newly traded hockey player, so he s still settling into his place on the Railers Confession I am not a hockey fan, but I am loving reading about this hockey team.Both MC s have past issues to deal with Although different, both issues are heartbreaking and handled with a minimum of angst.All in all, this is a terrific romance and I m thrilled to follow along with the Railers and all that will come Can t wait for Book 3 Last comment This is a collaboration between RJ Scott and VL Locey and I am awed at the ease of reading The authors have definitely gelled as there is no hint at who wrote what and the reading is seamless Well done ladies RECOMMENDED

  13. scarletsptember scarletsptember says:

    In the second installment we meet Layton Foxx and Adler Lockhart Layton Foxx is brought in by the Railers management as a form of crisis management for Ten and Mads coming out publicly Layton and Alder s first meeting is about as disastrous as Alder s word vomit is I think that s what endeared me so much to Alder I can relate to losing that filter when I get nervous or unsure in a situation He s just as awkward as the rest of us even if he s a pro hockey player.Layton is young but incredibly smart He faces his fear of jocks and his past taking the job with the Railers and I think it really changed his opinion and helped him on his road of healing There was something very organic about him and I found myself admiring his resolve and rooting for Adler to finally get through to him And when they do push past work colleagues, past friendship and into a romantic relationship it felt true to the pair Their intimacy was vivid, strong and fun Just like Alder s habit for saying whatever comes to mind and Layton s gentle but wry humor.I think Layton brought Alder a sense a family that he didn t have as he grew up Layton gave that to him by bringing Alder to his childhood home, trusting and sharing his heartbreaking past and at the very end, acknowledging Alder s chosen family as that.There was something about these two that had me one hundred percent invested in their story R.J Scott and V.L Locey could have written an eight hundred page novel on these two and I would have loved every second of it The second installment of the series was a perfect addition, I have a fear that the second book in a series can ruin everything, this totally DIDN T and it flowed from book one to book two and into book three which I scored an ARC of.What also had me dancing in my seat The fact that you saw characters from Changing Lines throughout First Season They just weren t written and then forgotten about I was glad to see Mads family and so much of STAN I love Stan to pieces and need to read about him

  14. <Stacy> @SoCalBookReviews <Stacy> @SoCalBookReviews says:

    I love Adler He is awesome and I totally fell in love with his character in this book.Layton s horrific past has him putting up all kinds of walls for Adler to try and break down I really felt bad when I learned what he went through I don t know how people can be so horrible to others It s really a shame that such a sweet guy like Layton had to go through an experience like that It definitely left some lasting effects and I can see why he acts and feels the way he does.I was really happy that Adler pushed so hard to get Layton to open up to him, and he kept trying and didn t give up Poor Adler as well his parents are horrible selfish people, so he s learned to just buy everything for everyone to try and gain their affection I was thrilled that Layton saw past all of that to the great guy Adler really is.The leads are super cute together and you can tell they will make it in the long run And while there s only some on page petting going on between the two, no actual penetration for obvious reasons, we still get some sexy, steamy action between them I loved these two guys, and fall in love with this series and with each book I read.

  15. LeeAnnP LeeAnnP says:

    So many feels on so many levels in this book A roller coaster ride to be sure There are a few characters I want to smack hard, and a few I want to hug tightly and tell them it ll all be fine and that I just want to adopt To be brave in a world where evil hatred lurks takes courage and friends and family that have your back.Adler and Layton are amazing together Two totally different backgrounds yet they both have to live with things that hurt them deeply Adler has his best bud assistant Apollo that he grew up with and shared Apollo s parents.Layton has his big, loud, in your face, in your business whether you want us to or not family.To find someone to love and share your deepest and darkest secrets with as well as your life can sometimes seem impossible to do I cannot say enough about how much I loved this story So I will stop Need some secrets to be, well, secret for you all to find out for yourselfright Let me end with this..I too love chocolate covered raisins I am able to write this review because I was given an ARC.