[[ Prime ]] From Antiquities to Heritage: Transformations of Cultural Memory (Time and the World: Interdisciplinary Studies in Cultural Transformations Book 1) (English Edition) eBook: Anne Eriksen: Amazon.es: Tienda KindleAuthor Anne Eriksen – Hometrainer-tests.de

The case studies supply the overall argument with a desirable empirical specificity they deepen and enrich it, while they at the same time challenge common generalizations, current theories and habitual ways of thinking This works on two parallel levels the empirical cases are lifted out of their immediate contexts and used to examine and discuss theoretical arguments, and then carried back to shed new light on their historical settings Nordic MuseologyEighteenth century gentleman scholars collected antiquities Nineteenth century nation states built museums to preserve their historical monuments In the present world, heritage is a global concern as well as an issue of identity politics What does it mean when runic stones or medieval churches are transformed from antiquities to monuments to heritage sites This book argues that the transformations concernthan words alone They reflect fundamental changes in the way we experience the past, and the way historical objects are assigned meaning and value in the present This book presents a series of cases from Norwegian culture to explore how historical objects and sites have changed in meaning over time It contributes to the contemporary debates over collective memory and cultural heritage as well to our knowledge about early modern antiquarianism