download pdf Assyria to Iberia: at the Dawn of the Classical Age (Metropolitan Museum of Art (Hardcover))Author Joan Aruz –

A sweeping survey of objects from one of the richest artistic periods in history This comprehensive book explores the spectacularart of the first millennium BC from the Near East to Western Europe This was the world of Odysseus, in which trade proliferated with Phoenician merchants of King Midas, whose tomb was adorned with treasures and of the Bible, whose stories are illuminated by recent artistic and archeological discoveries It was also a time of rich cultural exchange across the Mediterranean and Near East as diverse populations interacted through trade, travel, and migrationAssyria to Iberia showcases masterpieces that reflect the cultural encounters of this era Stunning details convey the beauty and significance ofthanobjects drawn from collections around the globe These objects include carved reliefs from the majestic palaces of ancient Assyria, Phoenician fine bronze metalwork and carved ivories, and luxurious jewelry Texts by overinternational scholars provide a compelling picture of this fascinating period, one that is essential to understanding the origins of Western culture and art