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Experience at first hand the spectacular, brutal life and savage death of the most iconic figure of ancient Rome.This manual will take the reader from the first faltering steps over the threshold of gladiator school, and through training to become a man of the sword Find out how to get thousands to idolize you as the strongest, meanest fighter in the Roman empire Learn why you should become a gladiator, how to join the profession, who will try to kill you and what with , which arena of the empire is right for you, when and how often you will fight and what happens before, during and after the bout Table of ContentsBecoming a Gladiator How Did We Get Here Arenas of the Empire Ludus Life The Making of a Gladiator Gladiators Outside the Arena Preliminaries to a Bout Death at the Colosseum Death and Other Alternatives to Retirement Map of the Roman Empire Glossary Further Reading Sources of Quotations Sources of Illustrations Index

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  1. Neil Lucock Neil Lucock says:

    I bought the author s previous book Legionary, the Roman Soldier s manual and enjoyed it This book carries on in the same vein it s light hearted, entertaining and full of useful information It gives you a good understanding of the lives and culture of gladiators in the time of Marcus Aurelius who died in 180 AD, so it covers same period as the movie Gladiator The different types of fighter are explained, including those who had to fight wild animals and those sentenced to fight as a punishment for crimes He covers the organisation of the gladiator schools and how the fighters were supported and trained, the role of gladiators and ex gladiators in society and quite a bit on how likely you are to get killed if you decide to be a gladiator The whole book is written as a contemporary guide for anyone who might be tempted to have a go in the arena and quite a few were tempted, including emperors The photos and plentiful illustrations make this a excellent visual reference.Although I still don t really know whether the emperor s thumbs up sign meant kill him or let him go, I now know what the crowd would be shouting and why the emperor might still order an injured man who had fought well to be killed If you have any interest in Roman culture, this book is well worth buying.

  2. James Broslin James Broslin says:

    I bought this book, because I wanted to learn about Ancient Rome s gladiators I find this book fun to read and the author who wrote this has a sense of humour I recommend anyone to read this book if you are interested in this topic.

  3. paul tinley paul tinley says:

    much fun and facts

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    A good read.

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    Great fun

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    Informative as well as enjoyable, you ll read it through as you would a novel Probably it is its unofficial side that renders the reading easy and fluid Historically its thorough research is impeccable and exhaustive all the same.It never tries to pull you on the sensational side but adhers to the title.An excellent series For beginners as well as experts.Bravo.

  8. meg the parrot meg the parrot says:

    Fun and informative There s a lot of good well researched stuff in here but it s v entertaining and easy to read There are even colour photos of gladiators both from mosaics sculptures and modern day re enactors The latter a startling thought With a map, a glossary, lashings of relevant quotes, pictures with witty captions, suggestions for further reading and a faintly obscene tintinnabulum what can you want