download Audiobooks Great Expectations: Prospects for the Future of Curatorial EducationAuthor Barbara Fischer –

Almostyears after the founding of the first curatorial studies program at the cole du Magasin, Grenoble , with the curator remaining a figure of curiosity and fascination in the contemporary art world, a new question has emerged how do we educate curators Great Expectations Prospects for the Future of Curatorial Education explores this question, focusing in particular on the challenges, opportunities and subjects that motivate educators and students How has curatorial education changed in the pastyears, and what will the nextyears bring The product of a springconference at the California College of the Arts, this volume, edited by Leigh Markopoulos, brings together contributions from Mark Beasley, Maeve Connolly, Mar a del Carmen Carri n, Kit Hammonds, Matthew Higgs, Anthony Huberman, Prem Krishnamurthy, Mami Kataoka, Kristina Lee Podesva, Salwa Mikdadi, Julian Myers Szupinska and Ulay, among others