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A very informative book Mannerheim who most people have never heard off, was a remarkable military leader It describes how he fought and later took command in the Russo Japanese, First World, Finnish Civil, Winter War, Continuation, and the Lappland wars During the thirties he realised the threat from the Soviet Union and did all he could to prepare Finland for war Finland was the only country fighting the Allies technically not part of the Axis powers not occupied at the end of World War 2, which was partly due to Mannerheim s skilful defence of the country. 1st class A concise but handy guide to the life of Mannerheim Those wishing greater detail are referred to the Bibliography. very good book on the war between Finland and Russia in 1940 Arguably the greatest Scandinavian statesman since Gustaf Vasa, Marshal Mannerheim was than a military commander This book examines that part of his career to some extent, touching on the tightrope that he aided Finland in walking between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia However, the focus of the book is Mannerheim the military commander At one point near the end, the author categorizes this book as a short overview As such it contains little that will be new to those who have studied Mannerheim and Finland s twentieth century wars with the Russians There is some interesting information about the Lapland War which is scarcely touched upon in most English language books There is also a brief account of the commanders who opposed Mannerheim in various wars and battles All in all, this is a fine introductory work to the life of the Marshal and to the six wars in which he served Just how good was Mannerheim as a military commander This book provides no real evaluation, but it is hard to argue with success The book does make it clear that he was a great leader For those who want to know , there is a short bibliography at the end Of the works available in English J.E.O Screen s work is outstanding Unfortunately there are only two volumes The rest has not been translated into English Another good biography in English is MANNERHEIM PRESIDENT, SOLDIER, SPY by Jonathan Clements Of course there is also THE MEMOIRS OF MARSHAL MANNERHEIM, but these were written in part by Mannerheim s friends and associates They are also a calculated effort on the part of Mannerheim and associates to contribute to Finland s welfare and independence, rather than being a strict history or autobiography Some would say that most of Mannerheim s life after returning to Finland in 1917 was a calculated effort to be what he believed Finland needed This review is from the Kindle e book edition. fast delivery, product as described This addition to the Osprey Command series, is another dependably excellent effort from prolific historian Steven J Zaloga Some volumes in this series focus almost exclusively on a relatively few years when the subject exercised top command, but this volume, while still in the short Osprey format, does a good job of conveying a complete biographical background Gustaf Mannerheim was without doubt the towering figure of twentieth century Finland But did you know he had made an expedition across central and far eastern Asia during 1906 08 It s described here, complete with full page map The campaigns on the edges of the Second World War naturally have less written about them than the conflicts on the major fronts, and most mainstream writing about Finland during this time focuses just on the Russo Finnish Winter War of 1939 40, when Mannerheim ground down the Soviet juggernaut so that Finland could get acceptable terms Beyond describing that, though, this book also does a fine job of providing both the pre and post context to that conflict, and Mannerheim s role Well written and well illustrated, this volume will be a welcome addition to anyone interested in modern Scandinavian history, or the Second World War on the eastern front. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is a legendary figure, whose life and career were deeply influential in Finnish and European history He is viewed by many as the father of modern Finland after leading the White faction to victory and independence in the Finnish Civil War ofThat conflict preceded a sequence of bitter clashes between Finland, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany in the buildup to, and during, World War II The Winter War in , the Continuation War and the Lapland War in Throughout these fierce clashes in the ice and snow, Mannerheim managed his forces with great skill, even though the initiative was to swing back and forth between the adversaries This study provides a fascinating insight into Mannerheim s career, analysing his traits, his biggest victories and his key enemies Complete with uniform artwork and detailed tactical maps, it is a comprehensive guide to one of history s most capable military leaders and statesmen This was a good summary as posted else where However, the price was steep Three stars. While this volume is a good read I felt let down by the ending It did very little to put Mannerheim in context of his day, or his legacy, instead it seemed caught up on a blow by blow account of Finland s trials during the war.