10 thoughts on “Heimskringla: Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

  1. ARD13 ARD13 says:

    Disappointingly, this edition of Heimskringla lacks Ynglinga Saga, the account of the mythical and legendary forebears of the Norwegian kings It goes straight from Snorri s preface to Halfdan the Black, father of the king who is credited with uniting Norway into a single realm, Harald Fairhair.The translation is rather old fashioned but very readable and there are very few problems with the digital conversion Explanatory notes are not hyperlinked but appear at the ends of chapters, which are very short, so consulting the notes is not too awkward.Heimskringla is a collection of sagas, each one named after the dominant figure or figures, typically kings These sagas are poised somewhere between history and historical fiction They embody popular tradition, explanations of praise poems many of which are quoted extensively and whatever the author thought made a good story.Some of my favourite moments are the intimate human details, such as when a king is fleeing incognito and is told off by a farmer s wife for getting the whole towel wet when drying his hands In authentic manner, the rights and wrongs are often difficult to discern, and loyalties shift bewilderingly This may not be a good textbook for understanding the broad sweep of Norway s early medi val history but it is a treasury of stories well worth reading.

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  3. Agn00 Agn00 says:

    I read this book at university and have had the intention of buying it for a while so imagine my delight to find it on for free for Kindle Amazing

  4. Ludwig B Ludwig B says:

    Loved it.

  5. Valerie Bannister Valerie Bannister says:

    No index

  6. MGC MGC says:

    A must for those who are interested in Norse folklore history, or have a passion for history, I return to this book often and will continue to do so.

  7. Pier Francesco Savelli Pier Francesco Savelli says:

    A negative aspects is the complete absence of footnotes, introduction, even the name of the translator and curator of the edition Definitely not a scientific edition.

  8. Alessandro Manfroi Alessandro Manfroi says:

    Storie di Vikinghi e di battaglie, di saccheggi e di successioni ai vari regni che componevano la Norvegia sino alla sua riunificazione sotto un unica corona Con degli excursus sugli stili di vita dell epoca in quest area geografica cos remota Il tutto refatto in uno stile semplice e sobrio, ma proprio per questo solenne dal pi grande scrittore islandese di tutti i tempi, Snorri Sturluson..

  9. LYD LYD says:

    This book refreshed my childhood school studies by the same author about the Viking Kings and historical events in Scandinavia thousand years ago A lot interesting for us as adults where we can understand the implications of events in history than when it was forced school lessons.

  10. Jae B. Jae B. says:

    This book is quite large, and of good quality The cover is very nice There is no annotation to the text, and it is missing Ynglinga Saga the first section of the Heimskringla which is unfortunate I will keep it, but have to buy another version to get the missing saga.