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Really informative, well illustrated and not too heavy to take in It s a good refresher on the history of Great Britain The United Kingdom Ireland Ireland being part of The United Kingdom before the 1922 separation, and the emergence of Ulster, Northern Ireland.Ignore the bigot that said this has nothing to do with Ireland and that Ireland is nothing to do with the British Isles, clown It is geographically.Anyway, besides the bigot it s a good read, easy to take in. What a great book I was looking for a book that would give me a quick refresher on history of Britain and Ireland and this is exactly that Goes through the ages with a nice amount of detail whilst still being easy to read Highly recommended High quality history book that I enjoy reading I would definitely recommend it I haven t read the whole thing yet I ve mostly explored the 1485 1688 era, and I only recently started reading it from the beginning.It kind of ends on a cliffhanger though, with the election of David Cameron in 2010 A future edition might catch up, with the rise of the new fascists and the destruction of the union. This was a Christmas gift for our grandson AND THEN my husband wanted a copy for himself This is a title every home should have along with a dictionary, thesaurus, an atlas and the religious book of your choice.It is a journey through our history in words, paintings, drawings, maps, photographs prints It takes you from earliest times to the present day The presentation is the best I have seen Gave to my son and family for Christmas for all to be able dip in and out of Well written with beautiful pictures Absolutely love it The pictures, the timeline everything Very nice and beautiful book Would do as nice gift for anyone who loves history and good visuals. Discover the pivotal political, military, and cultural events that shaped British and Irish history, from Stone Age Britain to the present day, in this revised and updated bookCombining overphotographs, maps, and artworks with accessible text, the History of Britain and Ireland is an invaluable resource for families, students, and anyone seeking to learn about the fascinating story of the England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Spanning six distinct periods of British and Irish history, this book is the best way to find out how Britain transformed with the Norman rule, fought two world wars in the th century, and faced new economic challenges in the st century s visual guide places key figures from Alfred the Great to Winston Churchill and major events from Roman invasion to the Battle of Britain in their wider context, making it easier than ever before to learn how they influenced Britain and Ireland s development through the age of empire into the modern era