[[ Download Reading ]] History of the 24. Waffen-Gebirgs (Karstjager) Division and the Holders of the Anti-Partisan Badge in Gold in the Seconf World WarAuthor R Michaelis – Hometrainer-tests.de

Extremely well researched book, on a little known unit of the Waffen SS Very well illustrated throughout,and the quality of the Schiffer title is exemplary Highly recommended. HB no dj 96 glossy pages 23 color photos 92 BW photos 2 maps Hope this helps,,cap Great history too many pictures not enough words, disappointing for a Rolf Michaelis book, the re usually much better than this one, was hoping for info on a Waffen SS unit that has been mostly forgotten, very fine pictures in the book no complaints about them Take a detailed look into the brutal anti partisan warfare in Yugoslavia during the Second World War The SS war against the partisans, dubbed Bandenkampf literally fight against bandits at the time, differed greatly from the conventional war at the front TheWaffen Gebirgs Karstjager Division der SS anti partisan unit was mostly comprised of ethnic Germans from Romania and operated in the Karst border area of Austria, Yugoslavia, and Italy fromtoThis is not only a history of this SS division including details of formation, training, commanders, and operations but also an examination of the German Anti Partisan War Badge in Gold and its recipients from the unit Very rare examples of actual badges, award documents and soldbuchs, and never before seen war era images are presented