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    For anyone who wonders how an unfinished manuscript from the 4th century BC became one of the seminal works of military history, influencing people from Machiavelli, all the way to analysts of our present day, one only has to indulge in Thucydides highly readable, and extremely eventful narrative.The first book explains the treaty system that preceded the outbreak of hostilities, describing a diplomatic process between Corinth, Athens, Lacedaemon and other city states within the Greece of its day, henceforth referred to as Hellas Early on Thucydides posits the cause of the war as the growth of the power of Athens, and from the ensuing pages, it becomes clear that many states joined the anit Athenian alliance out of fear of subjugation, rather than pursuit of particular grievances Corinth had a particular grievance against Athens, namely that they fought against them with the Corcyraeans at the time of the original treaty As Thucydides states, the love of gain would reconcile the weaker to the dominion of the stronger, and the possession of capital enabled the powerful to reduce the smaller towns to subjection Much detail is given to the deliberations and consideration of war, such as manpower, naval power, and logistical control of sea and land One can evince from this 2,400 year old text that rational considerations of real politik played just as an important part in war and peace back then as they do today The Peloponnesian war, we learn, was often beset with a variety of natural disasters, such as a wide outbreak of disease, earthquakes, and the eruption of Mount Etna All through out books II to IV alliances shift, as the various Hellenic peoples shift their alliances, wagering on the strength of their adversaries, and the feasibility of their alliances A diplomatic process is in play throughout, with various city states exchanging embassies, and establishing a diplomatic dialogue Various truces follow, including a truce which established naval rights, and sharing of holy places, in many ways a good example for the parties of today s Middle East Peace Process However, truces soon collapse, and wanton devastation is routinely dished out, including attacks upon retreating armies, and event the destruction of temples The most startlingly relevant feature of Thucydides work is that it reads in many ways like a modern day conflict with the formation of alliances, the break down of relations, the proclamation of truces, their subsequent abrogation An interesting part of the book features a campaign in Sicily, which features a decent insight into Sicily s ancient history, revealing how it has from time immemorial been a land of different masters Considering that the world of 4th Century BC Greece was certainly not as small as the world of the present day, the logistical difficulties of such a war, coupled with the incursions into Sicily, and limited involvement of the Persians, this was pretty much as close to a world war as one is likely to read from classical history Despite this works unfinished status, it is a timeless classic and relevant to many modern day studies, whether it is classics, philosophy, or most importantly, international relations.

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    A must for Students of classical and Ancient Greek studies .

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    One of those books one i meant to have read One day I shall finish it It isn t exactly thrilling prose but does convey a sense of achievement.