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Tyrant, psychopath, and implementer of a ruthless programme of racial extermination, Adolf Hitler was also the charismatic F hrer of millions of dedicated followers In this major new biography, internationally acclaimed German historian Peter Longerich brings Hitler back to centre stage in the history of Nazism, revealing a faractive and interventionist dictator than we are familiar with from recent accounts, with a flexibility of approach that often surprises Whether it was foreign policy, war making, terror, mass murder, cultural and religious affairs, or even mundane everyday matters, Longerich reveals how decisive a force Hitler was in the formulation of policy, sometimes right down to the smallest details, in a way which until now has not been fully appreciated Consistently and ruthlessly destroying both the people and the power structures that stood in his way, Longerich shows how over time Hitler succeeded in forging his F hrer dictatorship with terrifying and almost limitless power over the German people