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A Newstatesman Book of the Year Nimble, vital, unexpectedly affecting ObserverBestselling travel writer Horatio Clare joins an icebreaker for a voyage through the ice packs of the far northWe are celebrating a hundred years since independence this year how would you like to travel on a government icebreaker A message from the Finnish embassy launches Horatio Clare on a voyage around an extraordinary country and an unearthly place, the frozen Bay of Bothnia, just short of the Arctic circle Travelling with the crew of Icebreaker Otso, Horatio, whose last adventure saw him embedded on Maersk container vessels for the bestseller Down to the Sea in Ships, discovers stories of Finland, of her mariners and of iceAboard Otso Horatio gets to know the men who make up her crew, and explores Finlands history and character Surrounded by the extraordinary colours and conditions of a frozen sea, he also comes to understand something of the complexity and fragile beauty of ice, a near miraculous substance which cools the planet, gives the stars their twinkle and which may hold all our futures in its crystals

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  1. G. Page G. Page says:

    A lovely book, which I bought having hugely enjoyed Clare s book on journeys with container ships Mixes effortlessly the characters of the ship Otso, the icebreaker, her work, aspects of the history and culture of Finland and the ever changing and fascinating phenomena that ice is A book I will definitely reread The book is located in the Gulf of Bothnia, an area I have limited geographical knowledge of,so I would recommend printing off a good map of the area from the internet to accompany the story A photo or two of the Otso and her environment would have been a nice addition too.

  2. Beach Books Blog Beach Books Blog says:

    Cosmic dust are covered in ice and give stars their twinkle Sea ice covers the polar saltwater and works as an Earth conditioner Have you ever wondered, how amazing this solid form of water is Ice has many different states and as many names Northern seafarers now them well.If interstellar ice may expand your awareness of space, then permafrost will blow up your sense of time Deep inside the Arctic seabed is permafrost from the last ice age It is many thousand years old and encapsulates huge methane plumes When the ice will melt, the gas will erupt Methane is twenty three times effective in raising global temperature than carbon dioxide, writes Horatio Clare quoting Peter Wadhams, one of the world s leading authorities on sea ice.This book will cool down your illusions of global warming and melt your heart.10 days in a row the Welsh British writer Horatio Clare spends on a Finnish icebreaker Otso, who works in the Bay of Bothnia, helping ships that are stuck in ice Horatio loves ships When Finnish embassy invites him to step on board, he doesn t hesitate and starts a freezing voyage that results in a wonderful book Icebreaker A Voyage Far North.The book isn t just about the ice and the icebreaker It s also about Finland On 2017, when the book came out, Finland celebrated 100 years of independence Between the paragraphs about experience on Otso, Horatio Clare tells stories of Finnish silence and many different kinds of it Stories of fights for freedom and of Finnish women, who were first women in the world to be able both to vote and to run for office since 1906.Author writes about smart building blocks of national welfare and of educational system that you can truly envy He also tells about high suicide rates in Finland, about alcoholism and loneliness in the Internet age There is also the sad story of Estonia catastrophe in 1994, that I remember well a family friend of mine overslept and the ship left without him, sweet dreams saved his life and of the amazing national epic Kalevala.Nevertheless the main character is ice During his voyage, Horatio Clare starts to see it as a being Beautiful and endangered being.I read Icebreaker in just a few sittings Partly because the author writes so well, the sentences stick to each other like lovely crystals, and partly because I wanted to get off that ship as soon as possible Ships magnify and transfer moods and there is no way off them This is an environment where you are left face to face with your inner ghosts and deepest fears As strongly as Horatio Clare paints the surreal and dreamlike scenery outside Otso, he also manages to give you a taste of the claustrophobic and melancholic nightmares that hide in the corners of cabins.Life on a ship is not for everyone This is why you make Tem the captain, for his miraculous ability to synthesize and broadcast well being Yet as soon as I ve left Otso and closed the book, I already want to go back There, where the frozen sea and colors on horizon make you freeze in awe When the author steps on ice in the middle of the sea for the first time in his life, he is euphoric The depth and height is erased The sky begins in the snow under your boots.

  3. William Jordan William Jordan says:

    If you enjoyed Down To The Sea In Ships, the chances are that you will enjoy Icebreaker This time Clare undertakes a trip around the coasts of Finland on an icebreaker escorting a wide variety of vessels through the ice, which turns out to come in various different types while he muses on the history of Finland, the national characteristic of Sisu, Finnish literature The Year of the Hare Kavelala , famous travellers to Finland starting with Tacitus account in the Germania and the pros and cons of life in Finland mostly people are happy and they have a strong social state but there is also a high rate of suicide The voyage itself comes alive as do the mariners and Finnish silence, which we are told has different qualities in different circumstances.All told an enjoyable short reading experience and one from which I learned much I did not know.

  4. Podiceps cristatus Podiceps cristatus says:

    I have visited some of the areas mentioned in this book and have a liking for the northern parts of Europe so I was drawn to this book Whilst I found it an OK read I was rather disappointed There is some good description of the sea and ice and snippets of information about Finland and its place in history, but on the whole I felt it could have been so much better I didn t find the interaction with the crew especially interesting I ll keep on reading the author s works as he is very good, but this one was not for me.

  5. reference-collections.co Customer reference-collections.co Customer says:

    I first heard of Horatio Clare on Start the Week on the topic of Finland s 100 Year celebration of Independence I immediately ordered Icebreaker and enjoyed it thoroughly Clare has a unique style of reporting with affection and humour utterly beguiling My holiday list now includes a voyage on a Finnish icebreaker the descriptions of ice, darkness, nature and the people that worked on the ships made me want to be there.

  6. Moomin Moomin says:

    Good read, the frozen ice described very well and if you know the Finns, then the description of their stereotypical character is amusing.

  7. Norman Norman says:

    I have read all of Horatio Clare,s books and this sea story is not as good as Down To The Sea In Ships which I loved None the less still a pretty good read and his descriptions of ice in all its forms is excellent, looking forward to his next travel book.

  8. the grumpy gnome the grumpy gnome says:

    Im glad I read this book, the second ive read from the author, interesting subject matter but the book just doesnt really move from a mundane account of someone who finds themselves surplus to requirements on a working ship.Whilst I know its never going to be an action packed adventure it just didnt do it for me.

  9. MarcoPolo MarcoPolo says:

    Gerade einmal ein Drittel der Fl che von Deutschland nimmt der Bottnische Meerbusen ein Dennoch bringen das unaufh rliche Knarzen, Krachen und Bersten der Schollen unter dem Bug, das Sauwetter und die schier undurchdringliche Dusternis der subpolaren Tage und N chte, der lightstorm eines Eisganges an einem sonnigen Tag den Autor in einen Grenzbereich des Wahrnehmens und Empfindens Der bergang ins Unendliche und ins Ewige wird so flie end wie das Eis in seinen vielen Formen und Konsistenzen.Gro scheint der Ehrgeiz des international renommierten Journalisten Horatio Clare gewesen zu sein, sein n chstes Erfolgsbuch zu schreiben Und fast ein bissl d nn die zehnt gige Schifffahrt auf einem Eisbrecher als tragende Basis daf r Ein mehr als gro z giger Satz hat den Text samt seitenlangen acknowlegdements zum Buchformat aufgeblasen Die Sprache, die mir die bersetzungs App zum Begleiter werden lie , ringt um literarische Klasse Oft hat sie das auch Gemeinsam mit der feinsinnigen Beobachtungsgabe des Autors ergibt das letztlich eine bemerkenswerte Lekt re.

  10. Harry Walsh Harry Walsh says:

    I loved this book I came to it backwards Thanks to a review in the Economist I read Ice Breaker A Voyage Far North first and wanted , ordered Down to the Sea in Ships and was delighted by its comparative thickness I have been to sea Served 10 years on ocean going tugs deckhand to captain and years on fishing boats, scallop trawlers and draggers, all on the east coast of North America not exactly the same but near enough to Clare s experience to appreciate the authentic picture he offers Also, I have a friend on Maersk ships, an A.B deckhand whose job is protected by the Jones Act In both of Clare s seafaring books I quickly came to trust his sense of things, his eyes and ears and people and issues he chose to bring into focus Thanks to that trust I followed his digressions happily and found his digressions and what biases he reveals welcome and appreciated If you daydream about going to sea get both books They are dream feeders warts and all and packed with the real stuff.

  11. Mark Carmody Mark Carmody says:

    Having been to Svalbard and the Arctic, bashed through ice there and the Antarctic, the descriptions in the book brought back some very found, emotional and wonderful memories for me Beautifully written.

  12. PPHK PPHK says:

    Loved this book I needed a distraction from the flu this was perfect Couldn t put it down.I want to go on a powerful ice breaker and break some ice A very enjoyable read.