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Now with an introduction by W Stanley Moss daughter Gabriella Bullock and an afterword by Patrick Leigh Fermor Ill Met by Moonlight is the true story of one of the most hazardous missions of the Second World War W Stanley Moss is a young British officer who, along with Major Patrick Leigh Fermor, sets out in Nazi occupied Crete to kidnap General Kreipe, Commander of the Sevastopool Division, and, narrowly escaping the German manhunt, bring him off the island a vital prisoner for British intelligence As an account of derring do and wartime adventure, made into a classic film starring Dirk Bogarde, Ill Met by Moonlight is one of the most brilliantly written, exciting and compelling stories to come out of the Second World War PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our Desktop Site

10 thoughts on “Ill Met by Moonlight (Audio Download): W. Stanley Moss, Roger Davis, Weidenfeld & Nicolson: Audible Audiobooks

  1. lizzie east mids lizzie east mids says:

    Really informative diary of the events around this famous WW2 escapade in Crete Having read the Ariadne objective was desperate to read so this made an ideal follow up to this fascinating piece of history Personally in awe and intrigued by the capacity for endurance of the Cretans and these English heroes whose dedication to them and the war effort is incredible A book not without humour but stunningly accurate about the environment this kidnapping took place Have managed to track down the 1954 film to complete the experience So delighted this is still availble

  2. Eddie Eddie says:

    It would be insulting to all involved in this heroic tale to compare to a fictional war drama But by gosh what an amazing story topped by the nonchalant attitude of such brave men both civilian and military I m holidaying in Crete from now on to take in this landscape and get a feeling of the extreme effort theses men put into the war effort Brilliant first hand factual story

  3. Nigel Nigel says:

    Well written book Tells the story well without being all about me If you read this you should go on and read A time of gifts to understand where Paddy comes from A longer read is Crete by Antony Beevor or Patrick Leigh Fermor, An Adventure by Artemis Cooper.

  4. Digital Overload Digital Overload says:

    They say Truth is stranger than fiction I d say regarding this book, Truth is better than fiction.This has to be one for Guy Ritchie

  5. Ancient Pistol Ancient Pistol says:

    Fascinating account of the abduction of General Kreipe written by a key member of the kidnap party Incredible bravery by all involved.

  6. Johnw Johnw says:

    An enjoyable read, very boys own type of stuff Interesting to know how our boys we re able to survive in that sort of environment and capture a general, move him over the island of Crete and meet a boat to take them to Egypt.

  7. SLR Books SLR Books says:

    The story of the invasion of Crete and the subsequent resistance action carried out by stranded troops and locals is pretty amazing This book focuses on a particularly daring attempt by British Special Forces to help shorten the war To be honest, these guys must have had plums the size of watermelons to carry out this action Style is a bit dated but that is overlooked by the pure thrill of the story.

  8. E L WARD E L WARD says:

    Excellent book, speedily delivered, and a good price Glad to to be able to get it, as we ve just been on holiday to Crete and this is about the amazing wartime derring do there Thank you.

  9. B.K. B.K. says:

    Starting from an average novel from Simon Scarrow on the English on Crete I took great interest in the events of that time I made my way via the original account of George Psychoundakis The Cretan Runner over Christopher Mc Dougall Natural Born Heroes to this account of W Stanley Moss There are many accounts from that time from People who were part of the events.The stories are very similar, of course of historic interest, however of limited literary quality.

  10. avid reader avid reader says:

    This is a clearly told true story of an outlandish caper by British soldiers in German occupied Crete during WWII It s outlandish premise combined with real, life threatening danger makes for a gripping read.