Download books Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800Author Curator Amelia Peck –

Beginning in the th century, the golden age of European navigation brought about the flowering of an abundant textile trade, spurred by Western tastes for Eastern spices While previous studies have focused on this story from the viewpoint of trade, Interwoven Globe is the first book to explore it as a history of design and to approach it with from a truly universal perspective Fascinating and richly illustrated texts explore the inter relationship of textiles, commerce and taste from the Age of Discovery to the th century, andworks from around the globe are discussed in detail From India and its renowned, ancient mastery of dyed and painted cotton goods to the sumptuous silks of Japan and China, Turkey and Iran, the paths of influence are traced westward to Europe and the Americas Essential to this exchange was the trade in highly valued natural dyes and dye products, underscoring the impact of global exploration on the aesthetics and techniques used to produce textiles Shaped by an emerging worldwide visual culture, the resulting fashion for the exotic in textiles, as well as other goods and art forms, gave rise to what can be called the first global style