[[ read online ]] Into the Ocean: Vikings, Irish, and Environmental Change in Iceland and the North (Toronto Old Norse-Icelandic Series (Tonis))Author Kristjan Ahronson – Hometrainer-tests.de

That Gaelic monasticism flourished in the early medieval period is well established The Irish School penetrated large areas of Europe and contemporary authors describe North Atlantic travels and settlements Across Scotland and beyond, Celtic speaking communities spread into the wild and windswept north, marking hundreds of Atlantic settlements with carved and rock cut sculpture They were followed in the Viking Age by Scandinavians who dominated the Atlantic waters and settled the Atlantic rimWith Into the Ocean, Kristjan Ahronson makes two dramatic claims that there were people in Iceland almost a century before Viking settlers first arrived c AD , and that there was a tangible relationship between the early Christian Irish communities of the Atlantic zone and the Scandinavians who followed themAhronson uses archaeological, paleoecological, and literary evidence to support his claims, analysing evidence ranging from pap place names in the Scottish islands to volcanic airfall in Iceland An interdisciplinary analysis of a subject that has intrigued scholars for generations, Into the Ocean will challenge the assumptions of anyone interested in the Atlantic branch of the Celtic world