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The long awaited sequel to KILL YOUR FRIENDSA Guardian Book of the Year It isthe time of Trump, Brexit and fake news And time for the return of Steven Stelfox, former A Amis MONEY for the Trump generation What a monster he s created IAN RANKIN John Niven understands our era better than almost anyone DOUGLAS COUPLAND A scabrously entertaining satire of what it is like to be rich and white in the land of the free if you are utterly depraved, where money doesn t just talk, or swear, it nukes There is a twisted poetry in Niven s mastery of invective THE TIMES Savagely, viciously witty, this frantic hymn to greed is filthy, frenetic and totally fabulous SUNDAY MIRROR A full throttle send up of toxic masculinity Niven at full tilt is always something to behold METRO