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Maria Luis just can t help it Every book that I have read of hers has been out freaking standing I just love her characters especially in this series Put a Ring On It and how she builds them I love how they both enrich each other s lives and they complete each other This really shows in this book with Aspen and Dominic Just loved them Can t wait for the next book in this epic series Happy reading everyone You don t want to miss out on this book series Absolutely recommend Loved it great read Xouldnot put it down fell in love with the characters and story line Well done Maria This author is new to me but I am now becoming a fan Book 2 of Put a Ring on It is about Aspen and Dominic Aspen returns to her home town after a bitter divorce to coach high school football Here she meets her Assistant Coach, retired football bad boy Dominic DaSilva, who is hiding out from the media after a failed TV appearance on a dating show These two have some serious baggage in terms of a crap past but they both just mesh Great story, wonderful characters and very well written I am looking forward to book 3. I have been blown away by Aspen and Dom, they are so perfect for each other I am going to have to re binge all of Maria s books now, but I think Aspen and Dom may have just become my new Favourite couple of Maria s I loved this book cannot wait for Savannah s story so pumped. Good read The characters are so well written and I was totally in love with them They just jump off the page and I couldn t get enough I can t wait to read the next book in this series A TOPBESTSELLER I had it allThe Super Bowl ringsThe hot shot TV gigThen I got firedNow Im living in middle of nowhere Maine, playing assistant coach to the woman of my nightmaresDid I mention that she and her son are my new neighbors If you talk to the locals, theyll tell you Aspen Levi is the queen of high school footballBut if you ask me, my new head coach is a pain in my left nut sacShes too blondeToo peppy And way too sexy for my peace of mindOnly, one minute were fighting, and the next I cant keep my hands off her One hot kiss One forbidden touch I dont do love but What I want, I take, and what I want is Aspen LeviSS ME TONIGHT is a steamy slow burn romance It s the second book in the highly anticipated series, Put A Ring On It, and can be read as a standalone Luis has done it again In no time at all, Dominic and Aspen had their hooks in me call me driven, compelled, obsessed, or hypnotized and I was helpless to do anything but keep reading until 3 AM, thank you very much to find out how their delightful, heartfelt story ended.You may know that Dominic DaSilva is a retired, Super Bowl champion football romance, anyone who becomes infamous on the reality dating show, Put A Ring On It, but now he s hiding out in the small coastal town of London, Maine, from both the paparazzi and the author of that horrible celebrity blog, Celebrity Tea Presents Boy, oh boy, do I ever want to see that dang blog author get his comeuppance When Dom takes his college buddy up on the offer to coach the high school football team he has no idea that he s the assistant coach or that the head coach is a woman.Aspen Levi returns home to London with her teenage son, licking her wounds after finally divorcing her despicable husband of fifteen years and a marriage that almost broke her She was raised on football, having a father and grandfather who both played professionally and went on to coach the London High School Wildcats She broke every record as a place kicker at Boston College and has years of coaching under her belt, so she s the perfect choice to coach the Wildcats.Let s just say, it s about as far from love at first sight as you can get when Aspen and Dom enter each other s orbits If it s not bad enough that she doesn t recognize Dom when she encounters him at the local pub if that isn t a hit to the ego and Aspen s intolerance for Guinness causes her to epically embarrass herself, her son manages to get a little too up close and personal with Dom s truck on the first day of practice Oops In spite of this less than stellar beginning, Dom and Aspen soon realize they are kindred spirits with the obstacles they ve overcome and hurts that still need healing, and their professional relationship grows into.If you like your romance with the perfect balance of humor, heat and heart then Maria Luis is your gal And once you read one of her novels, you ll be binge reading your way through her back catalog Dom and Aspen are both so endearing with their baggage and vulnerable side, and the way they overcome and grow together is truly inspiring Their story is full of epic laughs teenage boys need I say and heart tugging moments the boy from the foster care system finds a family of his own making , and these characters will own your heart While the mention of the foster care system could be letting the cat out of the bag but you don t know which character, and there are definitely some surprises it s something that holds a special place in my heart and bears mentioning There are so many kids in the foster care system who need love and guidance and so many ways to help outside of becoming a foster parent There are many mentoring programs where adults share a few hours of their time with a child in need, and local schools and churches are a great place to start Brava, Ms Luis, for highlighting something so important.This book is, by turns, poignantly emotional and hysterically funny, creating the best kind of emotional whiplash that leaves the reader on a euphoric high These admirable, endlessly endearing characters will work their way deep inside and you ll be disheartened upon saying goodbye but feel enormously blessed to have known them I don t know how she does it, but Luis just keeps topping herself with each new book Dom and Aspen s story is amazingly special in so many ways, and you ll definitely want to grab your copy today I promise, you won t be sorry I reviewed an advance copy of this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide a review and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source for this review. 4.5 StarsI picked this book up because I loved the cover don t judge, lol It s one of the sexiest I ve seen and it really draws your eye in On top of that, I had a friend of mine who read it early say it was incredible And you know what She s so right I was blown away This book s refreshing and fun, sexy and sassy, and it has so much heart Maria Luis is a talented writer and I LOVE how she infuses passion and emotion into every scene I was so invested in these characters and I never, not for a second, wanted to put this book down It s charming and so so so heartwarming, and I can t see anyone not absolutely loving it.Dominic our hero and Aspen our leading lady charm you Their meet cute is one of the BEST I have ever read I seriously DIED over their first meeting I mean, I shoved my face into a pillow and cackled FREAKING CACKLED Aspen is sooooooooooooo hilarious And that scene is part mortifying, part endearing, and altogether cute That woman destroys you in the best way And from the moment you meet her Aspen , and she meets Dominic, you re a total goner Dom, a super alpha male with this gorgeous body and smart mouth, and Aspen, a strong woman with a sharp wit, are spicy and fun and they steal your heart I couldn t get enough With Aspen home in Maine after divorcing her husband of 14 years, she s needs a fresh start Now the football coach at the local high school, she s looking for peace, happiness Dominic an Ex Superbowl Champion, with a reputation of being a major jerk, is in need of a life timeout After a stint on a reality show that went bad, he was caught in a scandal and fired from his Sports 24 7 telecaster job, which is why he s in Maine.Dom and Aspen work together Dom is her assistant coach, and that power dynamic was the actual best These two are FIREEEEEEE They are so hot The chemistry, the swoon, the banter, OMG It s so good, too good To say I was IN THIS STORY would be an understatement I couldn t get enough of that slowburn and all those juicy feels Dom, our broken hero, really needs Aspen to push him into feeling all the things And it s magic.Overall, this love story was exactly what I wanted to read It s heart and vulnerability, sweet and melty feel good emotions that wrap you in a hug The angst is low, the drama at a minimum, but the romance is on point and I know I won t forget it I can t wait to read from Maria Luis Kiss Me Tonight was beyond my expectations, just so so so good And I can t recommend it enough This was my first time reading Maria Luis, and I was impressed with this richly told, exceptionally detailed and well developed story as well as her engaging writing style I loved Aspen and Dominic together, and I was pulled right into their story from their hilarious first meeting Luis surrounded them with interesting and endearing side characters who added depth and dimension to the story, and embroiled them in a sexy and intriguing plot.Luis lit the fire under Aspen and Dom s simmering relationship with plenty of sizzling chemistry, a sweet, slow burn romance, and back and forth banter that was playful, passionate and perfectly paced I loved these two together, even when they were at each other s throats during the enemies phase of their relationship While there wasn t a lot of angsty emotion in this story, Luis did manage to land a few blows to the feels, but the swoon worthy romance was what really made my heart race and kept a smile on my face.This may have been my first time reading Maria Luis, but it definitely won t be my last Kiss Me Tonight was a heart warming, hard fought, feel good romance, and I really enjoyed Aspen and Dom s journey to happily ever after Four smooches from me for Kiss Me Tonight by Maria Luis