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Grade In Book Four of The Song of the Lioness sequence, the stage is set for a series of final confrontations for Alanna, the woman who rides like a man, involving love, adventure, and power A new romance enters her life in the person of Liam Ironarm, a Shang Dragon warrior With others Alanna and Liam travel to the Roof of the World on a quest for the Dominion Jewel They return home in time to play their parts in a struggle between good and evil, represented by Jonathan, now king, and Alanna s enemy, Duke Roger If the finale seems a long time coming for some readers, the climactic conflict is worth waiting for It s handled skillfully, with all the of tension, drama, and physical action that a good fight should generate The ending is an appropriate mixture of sorrow and joy and hope for the future Lioness Rampant will be confusing for readers who do not know the earlier books, but Alanna s fans will be pleased to see their heroine triumphant in all the ways that matter Amy Kellman, Carnegie Library of PittsburghCopyrightReed Business Information, IncFull of slam bang actionyoung readers will rejoice KirkusAlanna s fans will be pleased to see their heroine triumph in all the ways that matter School Library JournalIt has the appeal of good winning over evil and of the resilient courage of a believably heroic female protagonist The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books

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