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It begins in the office of The Hat Creek Cattle Company of the Rio Grande It ends as a journey into the heart of every adventurer who ever lived From the author of The Last Picture Show and Texasville here is Larry McMurtry s Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece A powerful, triumphant portrayal of the American West as it really was More than a love story, than an adventure, Lonesome Dove is an epic a monumental novel which embraces the spirit of the last defiant wilderness of America Legend and fact, heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers Lonesome Dove is the central, enduring American experience dramatically recreated in a magnificent story of heroism and love of honour, loyalty and betrayal After several aborted starts I finally fell under the hypnotic spell of Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry The first hundred pages of the novel seemed very hard going but when the fugitive Jake Spoon arrives then the saga of an American cattle drive by the Hat Creek Company really starts to begin The story is an epic journey of man versus nature mixed with love, regret, violence and humour that must surely be one of the finest westerns ever written The novel brilliantly captures the ebb and flow of life in the wild west Led by Captain Call and Gus with assorted young cowboys this twisting and unpredictable novel is an unforgettable ride into a scorched dusty landscape with bandits, horse thieves and Indians ready to strike at any moment Lonesome Dove ranks alongside Cormac McCarthy s Blood Meridian as one of the finest western novels ever written and I would class the book as essential reading. A wonderful fascinating and horrific account of life in western country in the 1900 s or thereabouts the hardships, the endurances, the families, the lifestyle, survival and love life and the meaning of family It took me 100 pages to get into it I thought it a bit slow but then in part 2 it all took off I was so overwhelmed absorbed and grateful to Larry McMurtry who revealed true realism, wonderful female characters, humour and despair It is an engrossing novel rich in descriptions and events that were so insignificant but he writes so beautifully and honestly There is no mercy in this book I loved it and westerns are not my genre An amazing book not only in historical context but so cleverly and sublimely written it makes you reflect for a long time afterwards A pleasure to read I feel exhausted I have just come off the trail travelling from Texas to Montana I ve met Indians a particularly nasty one too , nearly got drowned in a multitude of rivers, got freezing cold, then boiling hot, have experienced swarms of grasshoppers, and then a massive sandstorm, seen my buddies die, got very hungry, and then very thirsty indeed, witnessed life threatening storms, fallen in love but finally I ve managed, along with my fellow travelers, to drive the herd into Montana.It is on closing the last page of this book that I can now sit back and reflect on what is a most remarkable story of what the cowboys were subjected to on their cattle drives in the Far West of the 1800s There are some truly shocking passages in it, alongside with others which make you laugh out loud at the hilarious conversations taking place between the cowboys themselves Mr McMurty has woven together a story of incredible suspense He has managed, in his lengthy book 102 chapters to lead the reader, through every one of them, into a new experience, each one as breathtaking a the previous one His writing is superb whereas most writers would stop at one of the characters just reading his book, Mr McMurty adds that something extra that a blade of grass has been put in the book to mark a page, or, on looking at a campfire from a distance, briefly the light from the fire was no longer visible as someone had passed in front of it All of these extra details just illuminate the whole book and leave you, once you have read the last page, for wanting How did McNurty have the time to write all of his Lonesome Dove books apparently using a Hermes typewriter His achievement is remarkable from all ponts of view and he is a totally worthy recipient of all the awards which have been showered upon him. This book is epic An amazing journey through the mid States, in the latter half of the 1800 s, herding 3,000 head of cattle from Texas to Montana, seen through the eyes of a group of cowboys It describes their day to day life which, outside of being a member of the SAS, none of us would have survived A remarkable, detailed and incredibly involving book Larry McMurtry is an Icon I even had to buy the film a four part series, with each of the episodes lasting an hour and a half Truly memorable and moving A must read book Larry McMurty writes simply brilliant characters well rounded and a mixture of good and bad in most individuals Gus is a tour de force with such a wonderfully complex nature, seeming to bowl through life with not a care, but always the person who notices when one of the others needs a kind word when they are struggling His bravery is simply outstanding and his humanity and care for others deeply affecting His partner, Call , offsets Gus s disposition wonderfully, and the two together make wonderful reading Mr McMurty pays equal attention to the minor characters and, for this as well, it is a most satisfying read.What starts out as frequently laugh out loud exchanges, subtly changes as the journey begins to take it s toll, and the reader truly feels just how much the epic trek is taking out of everyone I started out laughing so much at everyon s antics, and ended up crying my eyes out as the journey neared it s conclusion I had thought that I wouldn t enjoy this book much as I had seen the television series years ago and had absolutely loved it This book though is such a powerful read, and adds such depth to the characters which I encountered on the series, that I found it to be even better I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is a saga about a group of men who decide to take a herd of cattle from Texas to Montana in the 1870 s a time when the huge herds of buffalo had disappeared and the Indians had been subdued but still posed a threat to white settlers, especially in the remote states, such as Montana It is about comradeship and love, when they are tested to the limit It is good to see the principal women portrayed as whole people and not mere simpering sidekicks Their determination and strength of character, combined with their level headedness and prudence put them on an equal, if not superior footing, to the male daring doers It is pleasing to see the Indians depicted as ordinary people living in a hostile environment, who want the best for their families and tribes, but who have to sometimes resort to extreme violence merely to survive The sinister characters, white or Native American, are wicked because of their personalities, not due to the colour of their skin This is an epic, which kept me entertained from start to finish No wonder it won the Pulitzer Prize. I first read a borrowed copy of Lonesome Dove I did not know that I would like the western genre, but I did I had to buy my own copy.because I need to own one It is possibly the best yarn I ever read terrific characters with terrific names Pea Eye, Gus, Dish, Lorena and a huge long cattle drive from the Rio Grande to Montana I learned about USA geography than I had eve known by following each river crossing on a map And what river crossings Several days to get the enormous herd across I never realised how puny the representation of cattle drives was in films until I read this book Different tribes of Indians with different ways of life in different geographic areas I learned this too The whole book is seasoned with romance, friendship, danger, camp meals and camp fires and told using a whole new cowboy vocabulary Absolutely wonderful entertainment. Gutted that I ve finished this book I wanted it to go on forever.I can understand why some people don t like it It is not a a constant edge of the seat book It plods along , in my opinion, it should plod along It s about a cattle trail from Texas to Montana cattle plod along.It s about the characters, their lives, their hopes dreams, their relationships with each other It s about the difficulty of leaving a town with everything you own driving thousands of cattle for thousands of miles the problems that incurs, weather, geography, bandits, to name a few Yes there is action It happens quickly often violently but don t expect it every page.If nothing else it has shown me that really I am just a frustrated 19th Century Cowboy I really felt that I was on the trail with Gus, Woodrow the rest of the Hat Creek Cattle Company Livery Emporium wish I could maybe have experienced it for myself.I have read reviews that say if you only read one western make it Lonesome Dove I not only agree but say even if you don t ever intend reading a western give it a try You may be surprised. It has taken me many many years to get around to reading this book recommended such a long time ago You have to mention the length as it is a real commitment, but, unlike some huge novels I have read, it is perfect in length I just lost myself in the cowboys world, and thoroughly enjoyed this story of driving cattle in times when much of America was undiscovered And that is not a sentence I ever thought I would write If you haven t read it yet you are in for a treat I so enjoyed all the different characters especially Gus of course, and would now love to see the box set.