{Download pdf} Made in Sweden: 25 ideas that created a countryAuthor Elisabeth sbrink – Hometrainer-tests.de

What are the real Swedish Values Who is the real Swedish Model In recent times, we have come to favour all things Scandi their food, furnishings, fiction, fashion, and general way of life We seem to regard the Swedes and their Scandinavian neighbours as altogether sophisticated, admirable, and evolved than us We have all aspired to be Swedish, to live in their perfectly designed society from the future But what if we have invested all our faith in a fantasy What if Sweden has in fact never been as moderate, egalitarian, dignified, or tolerant as it would like to have us think The recent rise to political prominence of an openly neo Nazi party has begun to crack the illusion, and here now is Swede Elisabeth sbrink, who loves her country but not blindly, presenting twenty five of her nations key words and icons afresh, in order to give the world a clearer eyed understanding of this fascinating country

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  1. Robert Randall Robert Randall says:

    I have closely followed developments in Sweden since my first visit from 1963 1964, and have spoken Swedish since that time, as well as reading quite a bit of the literature From 1971 1984 I lived in Denmark, but visited Sweden quite a bit during that period also I m a committed social democrat, and believe that system, which is most widely adopted in the Scandinavian countries, holds the best possibilities for saving the world from the existential dangers of unbridled capitalism that is currently destroying the world It is a way of providing for all, while still encouraging individuals to make innovative developments Sweden has an amazing number of world leading companies for a population of 8 million people The system is not perfect, and the Scandinavian countries are currently having problems with a resurgence of nationalism, as described in the book, but I think the institutions are strong enough to overcome them I don t think that message came out strongly enough in the book, possibly because it was originally written in Swedish, and for a local audience.I did learn quite a bit of Swedish history, and some new perspectives on why things developed as they did, but I think the book could have done a better job of promoting the advantages of life in a social democratic country, and made it clear that socialism is not identical to the political system in North Korea.