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As soldier and statesman, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim occupies a unique place in the history of Finland He served as Commander in Chief of the Finnish Army inand again from He was Regent of Finland inand President of the Republic from Inhe suppressed an attempted revolution against the democratically elected Finnish Government which followed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia The passage of time turned him from a hero of the Right into a trusted national figure, while his leadership of Finnish resistance to Soviet aggression in the Winter War of won him international fame He led the Finnish Army in the Continuation War of, in which Finland fought as a co belligerent with Germany, and took over as President in , after which he ensured Finland negotiated an armistice with the Soviet Union, albeit with harsh terms for Finland Under his leadership, Helsinki was one of only three wartime European capital cities that was not occupied And only Mannerheim s authority held the nation together as it adjusted to a new relationship with the Soviet Union This revised paperback edition describes his transformation from a Tsarist Russian General into a Finnish statesman and patriot It sets his career in its historical context, examines his character and sums up his legacy

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    This is an excellent biography It is clear and readable and tells the story of Finland s great leader with objectivity It ends with a thorough analysis of his legacy, the most important aspect of which is Finland s existence as and independent country Those who love Finland and those who are interested in C20th history will enjoy this book.

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    I am very happy with my order Fast delivery too