[download Pdf] Nations and Citizens in Yugoslavia and the Post-Yugoslav StatesAuthor Igor tiks – Hometrainer-tests.de

Betweenand the present day the political makeup of the Balkans has relentlessly changed, following unpredictable shifts of international and internal borders Between and across these borders various political communities were formed, co existed and dis integrated By analysing one hundred years of modern citizenship in Yugoslavia and post Yugoslav states, Igor tiks shows that the concept and practice of citizenship is necessary to understand how political communities are made, un made and re made He argues that modern citizenship is a tool that can be used for different and opposing goals, from integration and re unification to fragmentation and ethnic engineering The study of citizenship in the laboratory of the Balkands offers not only an original angle to narrate an alternative political history, but also an insight into the fine mechanics and repeating glitches of modern politics, applicable to multinational states in the European Union and beyond