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A hilariously funny tale of friendship, belonging and LOTS OF EATING from the bestselling author of There Is No Dragon in This Story Perfect for fans of Oi FrogWITH SUPER SPARKLY GLITTER COVER Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live Not easy if you re a unicorn who eats everything in sight No one wants him around not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons Will Oscar ever find a place to call home Well, it just so happens that Princess Oola has been searching for a unicorn FOR EVER

15 thoughts on “Oscar the Hungry Unicorn

  1. A Smith A Smith says:

    My grandchildren LOVE Oscar and all the different disasters I think a good book is dependant on how you read it to children We follow the story but add our own bits in now have read them this book since the age of around one and they both still love it 18 months on Highly recommend

  2. L L says:

    Really good funny story My 5yo really enjoyed this book and found it really funny Only down side was it was quite short and not many words on each page so I think it will be handed down to my 2yo fairly soon.

  3. Amz Amz says:

    Thought this was going to an amusing story to read to my daughter but despite the pictures being very attractive theres no real story to this book Such a shame.

  4. Char93 Char93 says:

    Arrived as expected, my son loves his book Oscar is one greedy unicorn.

  5. Peter Dury Peter Dury says:

    My daughter loves it.

  6. Stephanie povey Stephanie povey says:

    Very funny Kids loved it

  7. Lilyfae Lilyfae says:

    Oscar is a very hungry unicorn, he is pretty much an omnivore in that he eats EVERYTHING Including his stables, other people s homes, ships, bridges even dragon djs and fairy lights Oscar reminds me a lot of Garfield mixed with that episode of The Simpsons where Homer dreams up a land where everything is chocolate and he goes around taking great big bites out of everything including the creatures who live there He s definitely an alternative unicorn, but an interesting spin on the popular unicorn concept of magic and wonderfulness and particularly the kitsch creations that they fart rainbows and poop candy floss kind of thing, Oscar is like the anti corn but still embracing his rainbow glitteryness He s rude, he parps, he eats people s things even their houses and doesn t give a dragons bottoms he is just completely food orientated, he doesn t seem to fit with the popular ideas of unicorns, in fact he doesn t seem to fit anywhere at all because everyone seems to want him to either go away or in the case of trolls and Giants get in their bellies, Oscar has no one until Princess Oola.It s a completely bonkers story about a naughty hungry unicorn who doesn t care what people think but he finds a home in both the physical and emotional sense because there is always someone who likes your brand of crazy like Oola loves and accepts Oscar even with his insatiable appetite There s a frivolous side and a really deep message there if you want to take it and that s the kind of children s books I love, you can take them as deep as you want.The illustrations are fun and the cover is textured glitter for extra impact, my 5 year old quite likes this book but it s not a must read it mummy kind of book, but it s one I would like to see nestled in with the other typical unicorn stories just to get children thinking outside the box with a story that contradicts their expectations.

  8. S Riaz S Riaz says:

    Unicorns are really popular at the moment, but this funny picture book also manages to throw a whole host of other, popular, children t characters into the mix including fairies, pirates, dragons, witches and giants.Oscar is, indeed, a very hungry unicorn indeed and his attempts to find and food keep getting him into trouble Can he find somewhere safe to live, with an endless supply of food The story is slight, but has lots of appeal Not just in the colourful, sparkly pictures, but in the whole host of characters and the fact that Oscar is a great character not your idea of the typical, glamorous unicorn, with his deadpan expression and obsession with eating I thought this story might appeal mainly to girls, but I think it has a lot to offer boys and girls, with a quirky unicorn and a lot of familiar, fairy tale characters.

  9. Fair reviews Fair reviews says:

    Oscar The Hungry Unicorn is a simple story with bright and amusing illustrations My seven year old loved the sparkly cover and as she is obsessed with anything unicorn related, she was very happy with the book The story follows Oscar as he eats his way around a fictional land complete with fairies, pirate ships and a witch in a gingerbread house It is a bit like The Hungry Caterpillar, but there is no explanation for Oscar s hunger, it is just there The narrative doesn t rhyme it is in the style of Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus with lots of exclamations and notes for the reader in brackets I personally didn t enjoy the story, as it didn t go anywhere and the Princess Oola character sort of appears from nowhere and it is like we are supposed to know who she is I found the story a bit annoying overall Oscar s facial expression doesn t change and I think it is meant to be funny The illustrations are in the Matt Groening style, which just didn t really appeal to me, but my daughter thought he was funny and fat, so again, just personal preference It also reminded me a bit of Jon Klassen s This is Not My Hat, but I really love those books and the humour of the illustrations and I don t think this book quite got there So, while it isn t my favourite, my daughter loves it and thinks Oscar is funny She likes to look through the pictures and find the hidden jokes that are scattered about the place She was also very excited by the sparkly cover and the fact that the witch is wearing a shower cap over her witch s hat in the shower I d give it two stars and she d give it four, so we went with three.

  10. Lesley70 Lesley70 says:

    First thing to say is that my little one loves this story it s his new favourite It s bright and colourful and there s lots of things happening on the page that he can ask questions about What colour is that Why s he doing that What s that Why s he doing that The books follows Oscar s misadventures as he eats himself out of home, and then proceeds to eat everyone else out of home, until he finds somewhere he belongs.It s not written in a flowy, rhyming couplet way, on every page Oscar the hungry unicorn has moved onto somewhere someone else So it s like a series of statements about what Oscar is doing The style really reminds me of a story we already have but I can t put my finger on it, the closest I can come to is Thank You for Looking After Our Pets If you look at the product images there are a couple of pages from the story that give you an excellent taste of what the format and word structure of the book is like I appreciate that there are a couple of little jokes in there for the adults reading the story pay close attention to the jar of hot dogs at the giant s table and the fact that Oscar s deadpan unworried expression never changes.Overall a good picture book, that will stand up to repeated readings But Oscar doesn t learn any lesson about not being greedy.

  11. kinggx kinggx says:

    This story features a very hungry unicorn that eats everything in sight He is hungry at the beginning, in the middle and at the end there is no character arc for this unicorn, none whatsoever The book focuses on a bunch of amusing situations in which the unicorn eats stuff and causes problems It is a shallow but mildly amusing story The best thing about it, is that it provides a different perspective of unicorns, one that isn t all magical and fairyland There is something valuable in the depiction of those we revere, as the flawed people or unicorns they really are Even unicorns can be stupid mindless beasts not sure this was the intention of the authors though.My children, 4 and 7, found it funny particularly the bits about farting and pooping, predictably , but after two readings lost interest One to get from the library rather than buy, I d suggest.

  12. MM MM says:

    This is a great book, very cute and funny and different to others we ve read It s all about a unicorn called Oscar who is so greedy and eats everything, then follows him through all different lands until he gets taken in by a princess who s always wanted a unicorn It s cleverly written with rhyme and humour, and is quite short on each page so kept the attention of my toddler The pictures are bright and colourful and the front cover has rainbow glitter which is a nice touch too Would recommend

  13. Sarah Durston Sarah Durston says:

    My daughter loves unicorns and so anything that comes with a unicorn decoration is sure to be a hit.That said, this story is a very poor version of MARVIN WANTED MORE a brilliant book Oscar the Unicorn eats a few random things and then is adopted by a little girl who brings him to live in a gingerbread house.The illustrations are nice although Oscar gets no bigger when he eats but it feels like an attempt to cash in on unicorn mania.

  14. Puff of joy Puff of joy says:

    We so loved this book We giggled the whole way through Such great bright engaging illustrations and nice to be different from the normal gorgeous unicorn stories This one has serious issues lol. great fun to read to your hold or have them read it to you Classic.

  15. J. Leckie J. Leckie says:

    My children both really enjoyed this book.It is a funny simple tale which is beautifully and brightly illustrated.