Free pdf Pylos and Sphacteria 425 BC: Sparta's island of disaster (Campaign)Author William Shepherd –

A well written and researched book with excellent illustrations and photographs which make history come to life A recommended read. During the Second Peloponnesian War the Athenians occupied the promontory of Pylos to counter Sparta s repeated invasions of Attica Over two days of fighting the small garrison beat off the Spartan army and the returning Athenian fleet won a crushing victory in the nearby waters, stranding a contingent of elite Spartan hoplites on the island of Sphacteria With the campaigning season drawing to a close the Athenians mounted an attack on the island using an unconventional amphibious night assault they overran the Spartan outpost covering the beaches and light armed missile troops landed at daybreak in overwhelming numbers The Spartans were slowly driven back to their stronghold, losing men steadily and never allowed to engage in the hand to hand fighting at which they excelled With their commander dead and his deputy incapacitated by wounds, the 292 survivors surrendered This was a huge and surprising blow to the Spartans glorious and fearsome reputation, and these prestigious prisoners of war served the Athenians very well as bargaining counters in the diplomatic activity that punctuated the hostilities that continued for the next four years. Great book just what I needed for information and delivery service was first class For having been there on holiday and being an enthusiastic history reader, I found this Osprey title rather good.Plenty of photos to situate yourself, wonderful illustrations and a decent and focused text.As usual with the campaign series, I wish to complain about the fact that generally the first third of the books are too generic and trying to provide too much context to the battle I wish pages would be dedicated to the battle itself. good background to the a good feel of the topography, although kindle edition could have bigger and sharper graphics.also gives good grasp of the make up of each side and how the battle unfolded.maps of and text about Messenia would be welcome additions.