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The Rijksmuseum is home to the world s largest collection of paintings by Rembrandt , including the legendary works The Night Watch, The Jewish Bride, The Syndics and the great portraits of the couple Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit The museum also boasts a vast collection of Rembrandt s drawings and etchings In this volume, for the first time, allpaintings anddrawings as well asof the most beautiful etchings in the collection are presented together Designed by Irma Boom, Rembrandt Rijksmuseum is both compactly sized and atthanpages vast in scope, offering a thrilling and attractive new experience of the artist in book form Rembrandt Rijksmuseum is published on the occasion of the Rijksmuseum exhibition All the Rembrandts, in what has been officially designated as the Year of RembrandtThe paintings, drawings and etchings gathered here offer an unparalleled perspective on Rembrandt the artist, the human being and the storyteller