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Follow the adventures of Bertie Wooster and his gentlemans gentleman, Jeeves, in this stunning new edition of one of the greatest comic novels in the English language Bertie must deal with the Market Snodsbury Grammar School prize giving, the broken engagement of his cousin Angela, the wooing of Madeline Bassett by Gussie Fink Nottle, and the resignation of Anatole, the genius chef Will he prevail Only with the aid of Jeeves

12 thoughts on “Right Ho, Jeeves (English Edition)

  1. Carlo Ungaro Carlo Ungaro says:

    Right Ho Jeeves is a masterpiece even by the elevated PG Wodehouse standards A delightful book to read, with a plot full of twists and turns

  2. CostanzabMonti CostanzabMonti says:

    Ho riso moltissimo, e finalmente saputo da dove viene la gran conoscenza biblica di B Wooster E di P G Wodehouse, presumo Bene

  3. Mr. D. R. Goodman Mr. D. R. Goodman says:

    One of the very best Jeeves and Wooster books I prefer the full, one story books to the story a chapter books, and this one excels Bertie decides to take over from Jeeves in resolving his friend s love issues, and only succeeds in causing mayhem everywhere, including getting everyone engaged to the wrong people As always it falls to Jeeves to sort everything right and restore harmony, but on the way to doing so there is so much brilliant writing that you really do not want the book to end Classic Wodehouse.

  4. Harriet Harriet says:

    This is of course a classic story but not for the first time, I was reminded that it s not always a good idea to look back I fear the comedy seemed very contrived to me now, even the famed prize giving scene That said, there are some great characters in the book and droll turns of phrase I loved the moment when Bertie remarks he never knew the larder was such a social vortex Sadly, however, I found myself skip reading to get to the end and feel no need to read another Wooster story.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is one of my favourite Wodehouse books, everything about it is just about perfect I first read this book 30 odd years ago and just howled with laughter, since then I ve lost count of the number of times I ve read it and it s never failed to cheer me up It s not just that it is hilariously funny in places but it s also beautifully written Buy this book At 49p it would a crime not to.

  6. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    Bertie Wooster is miffed with Jeeves not only has he omitted to pack Bertie s new white mess jacket with the brass buttons, but now all Bertie s relatives are coming to Jeeves with their love and other problems Determined to prove that he, Bertie, is the man with the brains in that household, he takes on a series of sticky situations including bringing together soppy Madeline Bassett with newt loving Gussie Fink NottleThis is one of the full length novels featuring Bertie and Jeeves and, while I usually prefer the short stories, is excellent With a cast of characters including Aunt Dahlia, the lovely Angela, the awful Madeline stars are God s daisy chain and the rather sweet and retiring Gussie, this is a wonderfully light and feel good read.

  7. Murray Bro Murray Bro says:

    Just the thing to lull you to sleep with a cheerful look on the old face Beats going to sleep after a few pages of one of those murder and rape crime novels that are all the thing these days.

  8. 60thenew40 60thenew40 says:

    Wodehouse s characters are always delightful, although, like relatives, you might not want some of them in your house for than a day It was a different world and much has changed, but Wodehouse has a wit and style please don t use the word class that has outlasted most authors of his extremely literate era I can t add much to the thousands who have written about his work, I ll just say read him if you haven t, and read him again if you have.

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    P.G Wodehouse is one of very few authors who can make me laugh out loud This lives up to expectations Hilarious antics all the way through.

  10. Hugh Hugh says:

    I m working my way around to getting every Wodehouse in the series, replacing tatty old paperbacks with hardbacks and filling in the blanks in my collection.The books are a fantastic read, and this edition will please every Wodehouse fan.

  11. ste ste says:

    As an ex butler myself, I have a passion for Wodehouse s Jeeves and Wooster characters, and can relate with one of them in particular I was sceptical about buying this as an audio, as I didn t want it to intrude on my own, long built up Jeeves imaginings However, I bought this for a family member and then listened to it myself it is quite excellent The characters are very well played, and make for many laugh out loud moments Jeeves especially is marvellously portrayed as that great unmovable rock, always calm and calculating I would recommend this to the world as compulsory listening material.

  12. Thinkfirst Thinkfirst says:

    I don t know how I got to this age without ever reading PG Wodehouse Anyway I read this after listening to my other half laughing out loud as he read it Fabulous and funny even after so many years By the second chapter I found myself empathising with Jeeves and sympathising with Aunt Dahlia s opinion of Bertie Must read the rest of the books now..